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Customer Testimonials

" Silver Insanity has the best accessories!!! I saw the image of the ring on Neatie and immediately fell in love. I love rings that covers your proximal phalanx (the bone in your finger closest to your hand). When I received the ring, (earlier than counted upon), I was a little disappointed to see how little it looked and how dainty but that was before I tried it on. I was expecting the ring to be bulky and glad it wasn't. The fingers surrounding it wasn't bothered or irritated thx to the rings slimness. I recommend using the ring size chart b/c I had thought I'd be a 6; turns out, I'm a 7. What was misleading, though, is the picture. The leaves are shown bright, but it looks noticably darker (inside the outer rimming of the leaf, to where the gems are) when you have it in your hands. My fingers are long and slender. The ring didn't twist or turn about, but it didn't cover my proximal phalanx completely. I'll measure... from the end of the bottom leave to the end of the top, it's about 3.3cm. My middle proximal phalanx (the bone in your middle finger closest to your hand) is about 3.8cm. And if you should run your fingers through your hair, the leaves will not get entangled! Nice! "
Adel Botros
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