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Charm Ideas for a Personalised Family Necklace

A family necklace is the perfect way to show appreciation for your family. Moms are fond of such details because it is a way to showcase that they care for their kin. Next, we will give you some charm ideas you can use to transform a necklace in a symbol of your family. You can use these ideas as a gift for your mum.

The Bird Family on a Branch

A family of birds that is standing or hanging from a branch is a classic when it comes to family necklaces. It is easy to add bird children to this charm. Depending on how many kids your mum has, the necklace should change accordingly.

A variant of this charm is just the mummy bird with her tiny bird children hanging with her. Use this option if your mum is a single mother. Most birds are personalized with names or initials easily.

The Elephant Family

A set of elephants that walk one after another taking each other from the trunk and tail is a familiar picture. This idea is picked by necklace creators to build a family. Most designs have tiny but distinctive details on who is the elephant mom, the elephant dad, and the elephant children. Most elephants have some room for inscriptions, even if it is just a single letter.

The Family Keys

Adding a key for each member of the family and putting the charms on a necklace is the perfect way to represent family. If you chose a key design that has gems or stones of different colors, you can set a meaning for each member of the family. Another common design for key charms is to have a heart on the upper part of the key. It is used to represent love.

The Family Tree

A family tree is a great reference to family. Some family tree designs include precious stones. You don’t need to write an inscription, but just relate a branch to each member of the family. Some family tree designs use small letters as the hanging leaves, symbolizing the mom, dad, and children. On such design, you can modify the charm as the family grows.

Silver Bars

A silver bar can look beautifully as a necklace. The best of silver bars is that you can make identical bars for your mum, and for every member of your family including you. The silver bars could be used as family necklaces or as a charm for purses or even keychains. That way everybody will use it, even if they don’t use jewellery. If you go for this idea, then remember that personalization will make it a personalised family necklace. You have 4 walls to put a different name on each. If you need more space, add another silver bar, and you will get room for other 4 more names. On most cases, this is more than enough to write the names of all the members of the family.

The Puzzle Necklace

The puzzle necklace is an idea for all members of the family. The main charm is for your mum, and it should have a charm with the missing shapes of all members of the family. Each member should keep its puzzle piece. When joining them together, the puzzle necklace is a whole.

Personalised Family Tree Necklace, history and representation in other cultures

There are different types of necklaces in the jewellery fashion. Which one to wear? Different necklaces have different origins and thus are used in particular occasions. The family tree necklace it is not just an amazing necklace, but also necklace with a history. The jewellery that has meaning is making the greatest impact in the fashion today. The family tree necklace is one of the most popular ones and there are some reasons for wearing it. This type of necklace is associated with the life, the wisdom and the knowledge. It is a type of a necklace that can contain a tree in a middle of a circle and this is the most common design since the tree is connected with the wisdom. In the Buddhism, the Bodhi tree is the tree of life where Buddha had the enlightenment.

The necklace in the other cultures

In the Nordic cultures these necklaces were considered as magical necklaces with knowledge. With the family tree necklace you are considered to find stability and strength and you will be more encouraged and inspired. It symbolizes the immortality in a lot of cultures, so when the individual is sick or has some disease, the tree necklace is used to wake up the hope in the individual.

What is the significance of the necklace?

Also when the individual wants to strengthen the relationship with God, the necklace can help you to achieve that, since it represents the love to God as well. In the Eastern Christianity, the necklace was nurturing the family ties and was considered as symbol of fertility and provider of strong bonds in the family. The branches and the roots were considered to represent the family tree, so the Tree of Life, what is actually called the tree on that necklace, is providing prosperity wealth, health and peaceful and positive life. In the Koran, the roots of the Tree bring wine, milk and honey. In the Christian mythology, the Tree of life was considered as the source of water on the Earth.

The symbols of the personalised family necklace

This necklace represents a connection to all things and since the root of the tree is deep in the soil you can see that the connection is very strong, and since is a family necklace, acknowledges the fact that you are connected in the world, with people who love you, living around you.

It also represents the connection to the ancestors since the generations before us were living in this world and had an influence so it becomes the type of world we know it today. With every new generation the world is changing, and new fruit is given to life, so the tree is a symbol of the family through the branches. Like it is expanding, it is shown that the family members are constantly expanding and that every individual goes in different direction, starting new life.

Symbol of personal growth and rebirth

It is considered that when the trees are young they are looking almost the same, so when the person grows up, starts becoming different. The person is also stronger and wiser, so no winds or any type of forces can influence. The blooming and the new leaves represent the new life in a family.

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