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create a piece of personalised jewellery for moment of true value
drawing style jewellery
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feather style jewellery
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family theme jewellery
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heart style jewellery
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name necklace category
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Multi-tone style jewellery
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puzzle style jewellery
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swirl style jewellery
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dog tag style jewellery
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Monogram Style jewellery
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Infinity Style jewellery
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# Personalised necklaces - Every moment created by you # They are the perfect selections for stylish women who strive for classic beauty and striking silhouettes from top to bottom, worn over ethnic dress, vintage outfits, or modern styles and making a powerful and lasting impression. From a very early age, many women start wearing these highly stunning custom pieces of different designs and styles to complete their ensembles. Today, personalised necklaces are made in a wide range of styles, from name charms to silver bespoke. Almost all of today’s female fashion icons, from all parts of society, love to adorn beautiful custom made necklace — either engraved with their name, a feeling, an expression, a love quote or an image. The custom made beauties help you achieve the perfect look for almost all kinds of events, whether casual or formal, while the flexible design is well-suited for any daily and routine activities and can be flaunted with long and deep-neck tops for a feminine and sensual look. Here at the UK's largest bespoke handmaker,, all our necklaces can be customised in precious metals, mixing other metals along with embedded gems and stones to make the piece’s overall appearance truly unique and exclusive. How the final version looks is completely up to customers themselves (who will find that personalised necklaces are not only wonderful gifts, but also a true expression of their own artistic voice).

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