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DIY Drawing style personalised jewellery

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Name jewellery is one of the best forms of gift or keepsake. Ladies simply adore these pieces, which so thoughtfully symbolize the emotion of the giver by forging a loved one’s identity into an everlasting treasure. Name necklace — sometimes in a form of pendant only — come in all shapes and sizes and are worn by all, irrespective of their financial status. There are some forms of name jewellery like necklaces, rings, bracelets, and chains that can also be worn by men. There can be no better way to personalise a gift than one that shows appreciation for one’s unique identify and helps them express their own personality. The most fantastic way to help enhance this is to get the wearer’s name printed, embedded, or embossed on the piece of jewellery—the real everyday belongings. It can be in the form of a necklace, bracelet, chain, ring, pendants, nameplate, or so many other options. The jewellery looks extremely graceful and forms a symbol of special love, emotion, and unity. Gifts with such jewellery show that the giver has undertaken extra effort for the wearer to give the most special thing possible—the identity emblazed forever into a piece of valuable jewellery. Further, it brings true uniqueness to the overall ornament of the wearer. Name necklaces, together with name rings and bracelets, are sleek and appealing decorations loved by everyone, regardless of fashion style. Neatie is trying to create the most commonly seen identity-highlighted jewellery not only for the elite, like Sarah Style, but also for the working class. Our selections can be custom made by combining any elements you like, and can be worn regularly for any casual or formal events. Name necklaces can also be made in silver or gold as per the tastes of the wearer.

" It's pretty but functional. My daughter wears it constantly and can roughhouse around in it and it's safe "
Isobel Conway

" The diamonds are real sparklers. They are simple for daytime wear and sophisticated enough for a night on the town. A good value! "
Madihah Cham

" This item far exceeds what i thought it would be i am very please "
Charli Clark

" This is a very nice piece... I've been looking for a key pendant for a while now... But all the ones I've seen have been very feminine. And this one, while slightly satanic... Fits ... "
Kasey Brown

" Este es un lindo producto, hermoso y elegante, pero se raya muy facil. Igual me gusta y lo uso todos los dias, pero no creo que sea algo de muy larga duracion "
Dora Robinson

" Its bit heavy, but now i am used to it. "
Manon Jodoin
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