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Personalised Jewellery - Personalise Based On Designed Styles

Neatie'd be glad to regularly launch amazing styles by the coolest designers on this planet. We currently have more than 2100 styles on and 6000 designed styles available to select in our offline catalogue. Though our mission is releasing your imagination by combining own elements in a unique way, we will never stop updating new designed styles and working for your ready-to-shop experience. Not like what most of the other jewelers are doing, each of Neatie's designed piece is avaible to be highly personalised in your own way by integrating stones, text or image engravings, and even name shape in any fonts. What you need to do is simply surfing over thousands of amazingly presented product photos, crossing fingers on the product options, paying through online secured gateway, and waiting for Neatie's free shipping. Most of our designers and handmakers are recruited from UK and US (London & Houston).

Personalised Jewellery - Custom Made

For ordering personalised necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, anklets, brooch, pendants etc., please use custom order page (click here) or upload images designed by yourself following the page procedure. Please draw your own shapes or find ideas from our shape database. (click here). You can use single or combine any of them into one piece on which diamonds in 12 colours can be embedded anywhere specified. The base materials of personalised jewellery include: sterling silver (SS), gold, white gold, rose gold, SS with gold plated, SS with white gold plated or SS with rose gold plated. Only precious metals are used. All gold variations will be 18ct.

Personalised Figurines & Crystals

For figurine products, Neatie needs you to upload photos as many as possible, though we are able to sculpt with only one front-end profile photo. More photos will increase the possibility of making the final works more live and looks more realistic. But Neatie cannot guarantee an exactly same figurine work as the difference highly depends on our different sculptors. For crystal products, Neatie needs you to upload photos which you want to engrave into the crystals only. Similar to the figurine works, though it would be looking much more realistic, our crystal works also cannot guarantee exactly the same as your photos. 

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