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Customer Testimonials

photo jewlery

" Very happy with jewlery. it cam nicely oacjaged with a little gift bag and cleaning cloth. Definitely would recommend. Nice Esoecially liked the jewlery from photo of pets. "

Got order

" Cool site and cool works! But little slower than imagined. "

" I have a disabled child and I got this as a gift from my husband and children. I look at it and I feel so greatful for the family I have. "
Tasnim Boutros

" The prongs do cover a bit more of the diamond than is shown in the pictures, but they are still very cute. I also like the backs, as they screw on to the posts, and are nice and safe for baby's head "
Simone Austin

" The item ordered was shipped promptly and was exactly as described. No problems whatsoever "

" The lettering wore off the band after about a year, so if you plan to use the dive table that is on the band, don't wear it daily. Else, be smart and carry your own dive table on the old plastic card or on your dive computer. "
Jake Janssen

" + has a date "
Rhys Craig

" The timer is very easy to start, stop and reset, with one button pushes. Very fast and convenient. "
Ute Vogel

" Thanks! "
Martina Krueger

" These earrings are a substantial weight even though they are hollow, and the filigree detailing is superb! I fell in love with these when I saw them on the site while shopping for xmas presents for friends and just had to order a pair for myself. "
Marie Fouquet

" These are delicate, classic gold hoops that go with anything. I like the fact that they are unadorned and simple and small enough to be understatated but large enough to give you an elegant look. The price can't be beat, either "
Mia Crick

" I was pleased with this item. It was just like I expected "
Mandel Asselin

" We got these earrings for our daughter on her 6th birthday. She loves jewellery and especially earrings. The color is a little pale, the actual earrings aren't quite as pink as they look in the picture. But they are good quality and look great. My daughter wears them all the time. "
Andrea Lawson

" The movement is a Miyota automatic with 21 jewels, works fine, for the price. "
Zoe Parry

" This is SUCH a gorgeous bracelet! I'm glad I ordered it for myself. "
Alexandrin Vertefeuille

" The pendant was beautiful and was loved by the person I gave it to "
Eva Halligan

" You can save a lot of money by forgoing the leather wrapping or wood veneer packaging on the more expensive winders and just get this one. "
Hollie Collier

" Overall, this was a great product that my kids enjoy. "

" It's a stunning piece of work. All you lads out there, should buy this for you lass, and make her very happy! "
Mays Asghar

" It's a beautiful pendant...the stone is genuine and very beautiful. I love it "
Lachlan Nichols

" The service was prompt and the product was in great condition. "
Imogen Pritchard

" greetings exelente product and magnifies attention from the store thanks kindly domenico pascarell "
Caitlin Stephenson

" Your service, products and suppliers are the BEST!! "
Cala Qureshi

" They loved it and the price was really hard to beat "
Leah Reilly

" This is a great ring for the price. It is smooth, low profile, perfect size ring "
Jadwa Shamon

" The service was great and on time, and I am very pleased with this purchase. "
Lisa Weissmuller

" its a nice necklace for your mom. no matter the age im sure she'll appreciate it. i was not quite sure what to expect but i was unexpectedly surprised that it is really pretty and lustrous. i guarantee that you will be pleased and your mom will love it "
Élise Deserres

" This will wow her but not worry her to think you are rushing anything "
Caitlin Mauro

" I'm wearing it at the moment. it's lasted this long I don't know why people complaining about. if people wanted a nightvision face for a peice of 18th Century tech. they should just buy a Seiko. Its great for it's sole funtionality which is to look pretty in dance halls. you buy it to get stares guys; or dare I let you do this but; let your "Girlfriends" buy it for you "
Maddison Forbes

May Ritchie

" THe charm is gorgeous... Any mother would love it from their husband or children. But okay if you are buying this necklace for a mother under the age of 30 they will be okay with the length of the chain, if you are buying the chain especially for a woman who is over the age of 40 they might be bothered by the short chain.. or if they have a large neck not saying my mother has a large neck she just has three surgery scars that the short rubbing chain bothers "
Futun Bata

" This is so very handy. You can adjust your own instead of dropping it off at a jeweler and waiting for it "

" Great value and excellent quality. Better than anything that I've seen locally. Highly recommend "
Olivie Brousseau

" Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
Azzah Ghanem

" It was a gift and I was pleased with the good quality and workmanship "

" Other than that ... well ... I can't even remember where I tossed my wallet "
Isla Ethel

" Very nice piece, just beware of the size, it's much bigger than it appears in this picture. "
Sara Krüger

" I was very pleased with this purchase.These earrings are very simple yet elegant.They could be worn with jeans or to a more dressed up occasion.A good choice for the price "
Aaliyah Curtis

" I got this because it was a simple design but still looked good without costing too much. My only complaint is that my wrists are super small and I had to get links removed, but that was no big deal. I only wear it when I need to dress up, so it's still in good shape. "
Roxanne Guibord

" The dial color really can't be adaquately captured in a picture. It is VERY attractive, much more striking than the image indicates. Several people have asked where I purchased it. "
Inaam Boutros

" This was a gift for my 17 year old daughter and she absolutely loves it and wears all the time!!!! I am seriously thinking of getting myself one "
Lauren Birtles

" The necklace is lovely. It arrived soon after purchase in a handsome velvet case. Quite a bargain "
Imad Halabi

" Everything was OK. I actually recommend "
Antje Loewe

" I like it, and wish I could keep it, but it was a gift. "
Nadine Feierabend

" This is a great product if you have LOTS of jewellery. This cleans everything perfectly, no more harsh chemicals. Very fast and sufficient. Certainly worth the money "
Romain DAubigné

" This is my first silver necklace. I have had it on since I purchased it and I have received a lot of complements. It is also comfortable to wear "
Oskar Williamson

" The numbers on the dial are easy to read and each one (1...12) are phospholuminescent and easy to read in the dark with normal light exposure. "
Amber Courtois

" I got this yesterday from my boyfriend and I love it. It's very pretty and I was extremely happy to unwrap it. = "
Randal Duncan

" I bought these earrings as a Christmas gift for my wife and they look great. My wife has long dark hair and the 7mm size really stands out. They came in a dark blue velvet jewel/ring box which comes in another dark blue box. My wife really loves them so that's a bonus for me. They are a nice little something for yourself or as a gift "
Eve Stiles

" Exactly what I wanted, at a great price "
Sandra Maier

" It does hang nice on the silver cord, however, the clasp is backwards, and with the cord, it does not flex to the correct position. "
Samantha James

" I have been able to scratch the crystal, but only after heavy abuse :) The number band around the outside still turns as well as the day I bought it. The numbers on the metallic band around the face have never worn off, but the outside of the band has a nice smooth edge to it now. "
Mahdiyah Asghar

" I love this piece!! It is a beautiful quality and design....It is lightweight and will look good with anything you wear. "

" I came across this looking for angel pendants. I bought this one and the matching earrings. I absolutely love this pendant! Wear it all the time and always get compliments on it. You can wear it year round! One of the earrings fell out of my ear the first time I wore it! Wouldn't recommend those! But this winged pendants is beautiful "
Georges Hughes

" I purchased this as a gift for mu niece and she thought it was so pretty. She liked to weight and she says it is staying nice "
Charley Cameron

" I was concerned the stone would stick up too high on my finger instead it's the perfect height. I was concerned about ordering off the internet but I'm very pleased with the speed of service and the quality of the topaz is very good "
Brenda Sanchez

" Not much else o say, they look and wear awesome. The price is very good as well. recommend these for anyone with pierced ears "

" I am 89 years old and i LOVE this necklace! whoever said old ladies can not wear fashion things are nuts! i wear this with everything......... from my Fridayy night BINGO nights to clubing in L.A with lindsey and pari "
Kimberly Howell

" This is a very pretty omega that goes well with many different pendants, and looks great all by itself "
Michael Freeman

" These were perfect, the girl liked them, they are the perfect size, not very expensive, great gift "
Troy Jones

" I bought this for my sister for Christmas. I have a similar one that is bigger, that I bought while in Charleston, SC. She fell in love with mine, and since driving 4 hours just to buy a necklace was out of the question, I decided on this one. At first, when it arrived, I thought it would be too small, but my sister does not wear large neclaces, earrings, etc... Turns out she loved it. It was just perfect for her, especially since her neck is thin and her complexion is olive "

" Neatie has been making crystal jewellery since many years ago, and their consistent quality has kept the company going through wars and the rise and fall of empires. These excellent earrings are made of sterling silver and crystals, and are quite attractive. If you are looking for some nice, crystal and silver earrings, then these from Neatie are the ones to get. "
Gabriella Duncan

" I would definitely buy them again. "
Petra Daecher

" 5 out of 5 stars... "
Mahdiyah Masih

" Dial of mother of pearl, clear and clean, with not too many words or other dials on it, looks elegant, the Roman numbers are very good for that dial; the hands are big enough to be seen even in poor light conditions. "
Karin Herrmann

" Product matches expectations; no problems. Some other customers complained about how lightweight it is. To me it seems like what you should expect from titanium (after all, that's why they use it to make aircraft). The predictions of it getting sprung (losing its spring tension) were more of a legitimate concern to me, but I've had it for a month or two and it seems fine. It seems no more likely to do that than any other money clip, which is to say, maybe it eventually will, or maybe it won't, them's the risks of life. Go for it "
Jade FitzRoy

" Good looking, stylish, smart and clean design, "handsome". "
Kiera Millar

" My only problem with it is having to pull out the pliers to get it to fit on a different neck piece from Neatie. 4/5 "

" I purchased this with a gift certificate for myself. "
Abbie Bryant

" My sister loved her necklace. She was very pleased with it, and so am I "
Raha Daher

Dorothée Brochu

" Works like advertised. Syncs well with atomic time from Colorado (I am in California). Looks nice. "
Linda Pollock

" The stones are clear and brilliant. "

" For me, the good looks somewhat compensates the "thing" I was originally looking for "
Raina Monjeau

" Thank You, "
Nancy Gloss

" I bought this as a gift for a friend, and it was the perfect combination of brown leather for casual dress as well as the beautiful simplicity of silver to match classier wear. Whether you are looking for something casual or more formal, this bracelet wraps it all into one "
Paige Connibere

" Taking out a few links for that custom fit just took a couple of minutes. "
Elizabeth Henderson

" I love this item! I bought one for each of my bridesmaids as their gift from me. These jewellery rolls are beautiful and appear to be very useful in holding jewellery. There's even a place to hold your rings. :) "
Keira Cameron

" I came in a timely manner and was exactly what I expected. The person that received it loved it "
Katja Becker

" Exactly the size I was looking for. I knew I could do better than the baby hoop earrings. Looks great "
Sidney Croteau
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