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Customer Testimonials

" Very cute, price efficiant... Only problem is if the band gets wet, and you have sunscreen on, your arm will get tinted blue "
Alicia Macartney

" simple and elegant earrings. My wife loves them. However, the backs are a trifle small to work with. "
Esther Aitken

" I love this bracelet but the clasp is seriously defective. I contacted Sabrina, and they were great about sending me a new one ASAP, with a label for returning the other one. That was impressive, and such responsive customer service is not to be undervalued. Still, the clasp is a product defect, and I'm sure one of these days I will probably loose the bracelet b/c it comes undone unknowingly "
Nicole Binet

" The keyring is very nice. I had no idea just how light titanium is. The caps screw on and while the engineering and tolerances are quite tight, it's easy to see the caps coming unscrewed, making the ring kinda useless. Definately advised to crank the caps on very tightly after putting your keys on it. "
Aadab Abboud

" Excellent service, excellent products and peace of mind when ordering. Thank you Neatie You are the BEST! "
Georgina Simmons

" I bought these earrings for my Stepmother in Seattle, so I never actually saw them. Now she is a refined person with classy taste, so you can't just get her any piece of junk. She said they were perfect and she loved them. That's a great recommendation! "
Kawthar Cham

" They are beautiful and delicate. i just love the way they sparkle. thanks, Neatie "
Elizabeth Hail

" This is a beautiful piece of solid silver jewellery. Well constructed and spins without burrs or sticking points. It is very pretty, and a wonderful addition to my wardrobe. A lovely pendant that I will treasure always "
Anisah Morcos

" I couldn't belive my eyes when I saw diamond earrings with such an affordable price! I definitely think that selecting white gold is the way to go because it won't distract from the mesmerizing glamour of the diamonds. All my friends were wowed and shared that they will also consdier buying a pair. I am so happy. "
Patrick Frame

" This is a very nice ring, I bought one for a gift and decided to keep it myself and ordered anothe "
Helen Nava

" They are a great color and are a nice size. I would totally recommend these. "
Maha Amari

" I ordered three pair of these earrings for Christmas gifts for the preteen set and am absolutely delighted. Very nice quality and beautifully presented, boxed in a small velvet pouch. Absolute perfection "
Yasmin Assaf

" The earrings were very cute and the screw backs were definitely a good find. My daughter loved them so much she actually had them almost a whole month before she lost one. But that is no bash on the earrings, the fact that she did not lose them the first week is a major accomplishment. "
Annabelle Yali

" am very pleased with my purchase, speedy shipping will use agai "
Lucy Bird

" The product arrived quickly and without a hitch. I really liked the earrings when I saw them. They were better than expected. I'm very pleased. Thank you. "
Caresse Monty

" Oddly enough I also liked the packaging, the items came in a regular protective brown cardboard box that protected the little "gift boxes" on the inside "

" Arrived timely, a bit smaller than I had envisioned but beautiful and comfortable to wear "
Alyssa Findlay

" These lovely little gems are perfect for those women who, like me, have a second or third ear piercing. Small enough to be dainty but large enough to be seen without being unnecessarily ostentatious. "
Phoebe Umbagai

" I loved the Wiccan Protection knot pendant, I purchased it for my daughter for Christmas and she hasn't taked it off since. She had wanted a Celtic tricetta necklace, but absolutely adored this one just as much. "
Zainab Daher

" My wife has a problem with earrings because she needs a small prong. I ordered her other earrings but I had to return them because they hurt her ears. These were a nice change because she can wear them without the pain. Plus she loves them "

" P.S. If you need to remove links, just put a smoothed paperclip in a vice to push the pins out. No big deal "

" Plus it's under 100. Can't beat the price. Thanks Neatie "
Lamya Srour

" I rounded up from a 4.5. The shipping was on time. It was within the specification advertised, but one of the diamonds is much more yellow than the others, even without a hand lense it is visible. Other than that I am very happy with the service and product. "
Mary Fitzgerald

" Something I did not foresee purchasing this is that the clip secures the money very tightly. Consequently: 1) When you press down the clip, it drags the money back a few millimeters. If you put the money in too far back it'll crumple it up. 2) When secured, you can't just pull out a bill, you will have to lift the clip up. The first point I've found a little more bothersome than the second, but after playing around with it for half an hour or so I've got the hang of clamping it without crumpling the money. "
Zane Cascarret

" These earrings are quite nice. Yes they do look brown up to the light, but they are a definite red when backed with any type of shadow. They can be worn to accent an elegant look, or add style to a "Friday" casual look. They may not be heirloom quality, but could last quite a long time in the modern costume jewellery category. "
Lucille Gregoire

" This is a lovely necklace but the pendant part is smaller than it looks in the picture. Very pretty overall "

" This ring is beauriful, and eye catching. I unfortunatey wore it in a hot tub that had too much clorine in it so the shinyness of the metal faded, and despite that the ring remains beautiful "
Renée Gingras

" It is really beautiful "
Virginia Johnson

" I love the workmanship in this piece. Nicely done, and Silver Insanity has Awesome customer service "
Tubaa Shamoon

" i will buy more items from you guys.i got them quikl "
Natasha Steward

" Thank you "
Natasha Marshall

" This will wow her but not worry her to think you are rushing anything "
Shannon Whittemore

" Beautiful & deep blue round crystal post earrings. I love them "
Lamya Tannous

" Nice ring, fast delivery. I still need to check it out, because my daughter says it doesn't completely "break down" the way my old puzzle ring did "
Julianne Anderson

" I absolutely love these earrings. Very well made, beautiful design and a lot of silver "
Mia Cross

" First of all,I recieved the item in a very timely fashion..Approx 3 days..Second the packaging was very nice..The chain was a good quality snake chain and the pendent was a very good quality..Heavy and prettier in person "
Annie Robertson

" Great errings. I got these for my 12 y.o. neice but decided they were too long for her, but loved them for myself, very cute "
Ann Linger

" There's nothing bad I can say about this item. It is by far the lowest price I've seen for something of this quality. And hey...she loved it. "
Khulud Tahan

" This is a beautiful piece. Very substantial and unusual! The only thing that would have made it better is if it had been made with a bigger bail so it could accommodate larger chains than the neckwire it comes on. Regardless, it was well worth the price "
Hayed Salib

" I have two pairs of earrings from this company and they look amazing. I can't tell if they are plastic or glass but they really do look as beautiful as in the picture, and I always get compliments when I wear them. Sometimes people ask me what stone they are, they can't even tell it's synthetic!! No bubbles or anything like the bad "
Libby Brookes

" I really like my earrings that I bought and they came in time "
Buthainah Guirguis

" I bought this pair of earrings for myself over a year ago...when they were new to Neatie (no reviews). I wanted something that looked pretty but didn't cost me a lot. I loved them....loved them so much that when I lost one down my sink drain, I wanted to buy another pair. I am currently waiting to receive my second pair. For the price and the beauty, why not! No one will know they aren't real diamonds "
Jaxon Roemer

" A nice moderately priced chain that is very pretty. It is fine, delicate chain and the serpentine pattern has a spiral look to it. The are reflective areas that shimmer every 1/4 inch or so. I am using with a large cubic zirconia pendant and it is quite stunning. The chain feels strong and less likely to tangle. Great purchase for the price "
Sean Hicks

" I needed something to express how I felt in a way that few words would say exactly that and the yin yang necklace did it for me. "
Jordan Sutherland

" These are beautiful. At a total .50 carat for the pair, each .25 carat stud is well matched for color and clarity. If you like white gold and diamonds, you won't be disappointed. "
Maria Drechsler

" I will probably get another one but I really would love one with a metal band "

" Overall..I am very happy with this buy "
Sharon Ortiz

" One of the concerns I had purchasing this is whether or not it will securly hold less than 5 cards. It does (there are pressure clips on the sides of where the card goes in), but I wouldn't recommend it. Just didn't feel safe enough, even with 4 cards. "
Bernd Peters

" i got this for christmas and it is BEAUTiFUL!. i got compliments from all of my friends. the chain is very sturdy also. you should buy this for yourself or anyone. it's a GREAT gift "
Myla Simpson

" These are very well crafted little earrings. I love how they look, and the price just can't be beat! These have made me want to buy many more things from Silver Insanity! The only problem I did experience with these earrings is that the post is rather long, and it pokes the side of my head when I sleep. Otherwise, I couldn't love them more! "
Latifah Bahar

" It is small and beautifull, be sure you want a small one "
Didier Robillard

" it exceeded my expectation. it looks great and seems quite sturdy. i bought for casual days when i am either skiing or just hanging out on a weekend. i like it "
Caitlin Power

" I got it since two month ago and It looks cool. I like it. "
Bella Joseland

" I just recently had my ears pierced and needed something small that I could wear continually on a daily casual basis without the earrings looking too dressy. These earrings are just perfect for that purpose. They are simple elegance with genuine pearls and sterling silver findings. They are even confortable enough to wear while sleeping. I am wearing the white pearl set right now. Love them! "
Hortense Fréchette

" Silver Insanity has the best accessories!!! I saw the image of the ring on Neatie and immediately fell in love. I love rings that covers your proximal phalanx (the bone in your finger closest to your hand). When I received the ring, (earlier than counted upon), I was a little disappointed to see how little it looked and how dainty but that was before I tried it on. I was expecting the ring to be bulky and glad it wasn't. The fingers surrounding it wasn't bothered or irritated thx to the rings slimness. I recommend using the ring size chart b/c I had thought I'd be a 6; turns out, I'm a 7. What was misleading, though, is the picture. The leaves are shown bright, but it looks noticably darker (inside the outer rimming of the leaf, to where the gems are) when you have it in your hands. My fingers are long and slender. The ring didn't twist or turn about, but it didn't cover my proximal phalanx completely. I'll measure... from the end of the bottom leave to the end of the top, it's about 3.3cm. My middle proximal phalanx (the bone in your middle finger closest to your hand) is about 3.8cm. And if you should run your fingers through your hair, the leaves will not get entangled! Nice! "
Adel Botros

" Very delicate, very pretty chain. It doesn't kink up when I wear it, and it's the perfect length. I have worn this every day since I received it "
Iain Simpson

" This was an inexpensive ring for a great price. It was a good buy for a HS niece who loves her celtic heritage and the color blue "
Theresa Goddard

" It is good and nice design. But it is little bit heavy. "
Bradamate Archambault

" I actually bought these two years ago, then again for my mother this past Christmas. We both love the sets. They are great for someone looking to start or expand their collection. The colors of the stones were very nice and equally matched. Nice size, not too small, not too big. "
Niamh Faulkner

" I m very happy to buy in Neatie , shipping was perfect and on time. "
Aliyy Naser

" I received these earrings as a gift, and I don't know what they are made of, but I get an awful lot of compliments on them. They seem to change color in response to what I am wearing. I would definitely order other Silver Insanity items "
Stephanie Scholz

" The pendant was a little smaller than I expected, but lovely nonetheless "
Eleanor Saunders

" I was impressed with the quality of this pendant including the packaging! I've received several complements on the quality and unique design. For me it signifies John 15:5 "I am the vine and you are the branches..." "
Ruqayya Mikhail

" I was impressed with the quality and detail of the ring. The person I bought it for loves it, and as a jeweler herself, that says alot. I was afraid of the metals when I bought it, but she has had no problems. Overall the ring is a gorgeous imitation of history and I would highly recommend it and the company I bought it from "
Clémence Bureau

" I found this pair of studs to be nice for everyday wear. They look much better than the ones found in Macy's fine jewellery and they cost less. Personally I would not go over 1/3 ctw with this quality because the flaws would become obvious. I am very satisfied with my purchase "
Natasha Wong

" The item has arrived in perfect timing. The earrings are good quality, but not the best one "
Ursula Achen

" These earrings are great. They are the perfect size. I would recommend these to anyone who likes a classic look. "
Birgit Richter

" Our granddaughter loves her horse necklace! She wears it all the time and is so proud of it! This necklace made her very happy "

" In real earrings look much better than on the picture. Substantial presence of a nice quality jewellery "
William Sheppard

" Just received the necklace today and I am MORE than happy with it. It arrived quickly and the packaging is fantastic! It came in a little blue box and in a blue velvet bag...very nice "
Subhiyah Naser

" To it! Would buy more from this merchant "
Eve Tulloch

" let me just say my girlfriend loved them and then loved m "
Beau Carmichael

" I had these on my wish list and decided to order them for myself after Christmas, after looking in stores and not finding anything that looked quite the same! They just arrived and all I can say is WOW! Nice look, substantial size and plenty of "statement". Picture does not do them justice. All I can say is don't hesitate, you will be dissappointed if they sell out "
Jordan Nicolay

" Originally I was attracted to the Seiko SKX173 which I came across first. However I was concerned that the physical size of the Seiko might be too large for my wrist plus reviews indicated its automatic/mechanical movement might not be as accurate as I wanted. "
Maddison Delprat

" This pair of earrings is a great deal for the money. You can't go wrong with a price like this "
Clovis Baril

" One year later the digital window keeps setting it self back to Jan 1 and 12:00 noon. Poor quality. Look elsewher "
Yasmin Wheeler

" Being part Irish and born 3 days after St Patricks day, hence my name I was lucky enough to find this item at and it is a top class item with a good finish. The ring seems to keep it's shine with no maintanence required. As usual the service and delivery at is second to none. As an American living in Australia there are so many things I can't get in this country which is why I get things like jewellery from them. Couldn't be happier with this ring "
Alia Seif

" Nice bracelet for the price. Good for gifts for friends (which is what I purchased them for) Everyone was very happy with them "
Louis Labbé

" Im sure my girlfriend will love this, it will go great with her tattoo "
Naomi Dean

" Beautiful. Wear them all the time. Sincerely, Gai "
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