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Customer Testimonials

" owned a different brand that was noisy and only worked for about a month......this winder i can not hear it run and have had it a couple of is still running like clock work......would recommend to anyone that doesnt want to pay an arm and leg for one..... "

" I received the necklace and realized that the color was a little more orange than red. I bought it for a friend and I think she will like it regardless. The pendant is very large "
Rebecca Smith

" I ordered these for my 18 month old daughter, and was a little nervous, I had never bought earrings on line before, I wanted something with the safety backs, but I had expereince with some backs that "screw themselves off". I loved the butterflies and wanted to try them! My daughter has had them in her ears for a few weeks now and we haven't had any problems! I keep checking the backs and they are on nice and tight. I wanted a good quality earring so she didn't have problems with infections...and we havent! I will definately order from here again "
Creissant Josseaume

" This earrings were much larger than they seemed. They sparkle and catch the light like prisms. They made a fabulous present "
Charlie Gartrell

" As a gift, this bracelet will not disappoint. It appears just (or better) as it does in the picture. The only downside is that, for a gentlemen with a thicker bone structure, there will not be any give, nor do they provide extra links to make it a bit more comfortable. Otherwise, one cannot go wrong with selecting it "
Henri Langelier

" I ordered these earrings thinking they'd be as round as the picture seems to imply. They are really nice but honestly, they are not as round as they look in the image, which I found a tad disappointing at first. They are not totally flat or anything like that but the drops look a bit "flatter" in person than they do in the picture. I'm not blaming Neatie for it since they've done nothing wrong. Products can look different in pictures than in person due to things like light and camera angles. I just want to give notice to people who buy these earrings. And yes, they are a substantial piece of jewellery as the previous reviews imply, but not so big that they are distracting or gaudy or overly heavy. They are very nice. "
Rose Stanton

" I suppose the more expensive ones may sparkle a bit more but this is a nice piece "
Dakota Fidler

" This is a gift that has yet to be given. I am confident that she will love them, though "
Ibtisam Ghanem

" I was very pleased when I recieved this...I love that it doesn't look like every single other pendant on the market and although it looks like it in the picture, it's not enormously huge. Just the right size and very pretty "
Asalah Hajjar

" Mission accomplished !!! "
Minette Grivois

" The small gripe is that the crown (used to change the time/date/day) is a bit difficult to pull out to the correct position to move the date (for months with less than 31 days). You have to pull it only halfway out (pulling it out fully will allow you to set the time), but it has a tendency to go past that to fully out or fully closed. "
Jennifer Watts

" The diamonds are real sparklers. They are simple for daytime wear and sophisticated enough for a night on the town. A good value! "
Madihah Cham

" Finally, a phoenix that doesn't look like a dragon! Just the right size, and beautiful detail. I love it "
Silke Trommler

" This is a nice chain with a durable lobster claw clasp. The diameter is somewhat small, but I will probably order another chain with a larger diameter "
Tayla Lassetter

" I'm quite pleased with it "
Jasmine Ali

" Works great, fits well, and has a nice design. Definitely recommend i "
Manuela Wulf

" This is an excellent tool set for beginners. The quality of the tools is not professional grade, but more than adequate for the hobbyists. For the price you pay, this is an excellent deal. A little more money than some of the other kits being sold on, but well worth it as you get a complete set "
Patricia Porter

" I bought two of these faux amber necklaces and they are quite well made. The pendant is almost 2 inches in length it does look larger in the photograph but by being smaller it looks more realistic. It is actually a good weight not to heavy not to light it looks as if some effort has been put into the making of it. I think it is a good purchase for the price because it does not look cheap or tacky "
Sabrina Schwartz

Husna Kattan

" The earrings were such a hit that another daughter wants to buy a pair "
Charlie Burton

" The service was prompt and the product was in great condition. "
Harriet Hughes

" Service was prompt and the earings are beautiful. I get compliments on them all the time and my sister asked for them on her birthday "
Zaynab Hakimi

" I had an issue with my ring not being delivered in a timely matter. I got in touch with the company and they had a new one delivered to me the next day. The person I dealt with was very professional and I would definitely buy from this company again "

" Really great quality for the price. The hinges are well made so I don't worry about them falling apart when I wear them. They are not white gold and diamonds. They are what they claim to be: Silver and CZ. I like them! "
Layla Watt

" I set it to the exact (down to the second) correct time when I got it a month ago. It either has a very good movement, or it's secretly communicating with that atomic clock in Colorado without my knowledge. "
Brier Therrien

" Very nice size, almost perfect shape, beautiful luster and color. Great to wear with almost anything. They are very chic and classy. I'm very happy I bought them!! "
Abdul-Ghaffar Boutros

" I purchased this item as a present for my friend and I. The piece is beautiful and is a great gift for anyone. I myself have the Yin half of the duo. The only problem is that the black paint in the Yin half is easily washed away. Now I don't mean that it all washes away but it does erode. The Yin looks a lot better with a little silver shining through the paint, however, but I do worry about all of the paint eventually going away. Other than that minor defect the necklaces are wonderfull. I'll definately be buying from this seller again "
Catriona Graham

" With just 5 cards, a couple receipts and a little cash this clip is much more comfortable, easier to manage, and looks a lot better than my old wallet. "
Donna McMullen

" I have been suffering from depression since I was 15 years old. My mother bought this bracelet for me at the age of 21 as a surprise (after some hinting; I was patiently waiting to buy it on my own!) I must say it is one of the most beautiful and meaningful gifts anyone has ever given to me. I don't believe I have taken it off for a single day in the several months I've owned it; it fits perfectly, matches everything and its beautiful message keeps me more centered and hopeful. It also keeps me feeling close to my mother while I'm away at college. She doesn't know it yet, but I hope to buy her the same bracelet for Christmas. It's a simply amazing gift for yourself or someone else "
Maali Hanania

" I was kind of worried when I read some of the other reviews for this, but I'm so glad I ordered it! It is sooooo much more beautiful in person than in the picture. It's wonderfully sparkly and just the right size. It did take a bit long to ship, but it was worth the wait "
Sadiyah Mifsud

" These earrings are the beautiful deep blue of genuine sapphires and the 1.0 carat size is just the right size (anything larger might tend to look "fake". "
Dennis Eisenhauer

" This is a truly unique and beautiful necklace! I enjoy wearing it. It is as good as the picture shows "
Basilah Toma

" We don't call our Nana grandmother, so this necklace is perfect "
Maddison Garratt

" Great set of earrings at a very nice price. Thanks "
Madeleine Hogan

" This is a perfect anytime gift. I bought this for my gf for xmas and she loved it. We have only been dating for 6 months i did not want to get anything that was over the top. Perfect for any occasion. She'll love it. "
Evelyn Thomas

" I bought this as a present for my daughter. I was very pleased with the quality and the finish of the ring. (If anyone wants additional instructions about how to put it together, check wikipedia. I believe there is even a video.) I highly recommend this ring for people who enjoy sterling silver, symbolism, and something just a little bit different "
Dorothy Goodwin

" I was looking for a cheap but nice chain. This is perfect. Arrived in two days. Beautiful chain nice, strong and polished. Great buy for five dollars or a little more "
Anton Sansouci

" we sent this necklace to our daughter. It arrived actually earlier than anticipated and she just loves it. What a great company to deal wit "
Anne Eberhart

" It's too bad that the ring will eventually be outgrown because my boy is only 12. Hopefully I can have it resized later or find another one that is this nice "
David Hopkins

" This item far exceeds what i thought it would be i am very please "
Charli Clark

" I purchased this as a gift for my secret santa, and she wore it a week strait "
Daniella King

" In locker rooms and office corridors across this nations, a battle rages for the souls of men. Perhaps only the fratricidal dispute between boxers and briefs has more violently bloodied the masculine nose of our generation than this battle. Yet the jury remains out: wallet or money clip, what will it be? "
Charlotte Heaton

" Bought several of these bracelets for Christmas gifts! They were a big hit! Perfect for someone who need a little pick me up "
Tom Jenkins

" Also good lighting is a must "
Penny Hunter

" We happened across these as a Gold Box item, and decided they were the perfect size and color for our daughter as an Easter present. They came nicely packaged, and are some of her favorites. My wife now wants the same in different colors : "
Farihah Arian

" It is comfortable, and sits close to the wrist with very little profile. "
Linda Lockwood

" Great deal and gift. If you want something different and at a good price. "
Juliane Wechsler

" The photo of the necklace looked pretty, but I didn't realize it would be so nice! My daughter loved it and I will probably purchase one for myself "
Bailey Armytage

" I gave this necklace to my daughter who was becoming a new big sister and she just loved it. The necklace was very symbolic because the big heart represented Big Sister and the little heart represented little sister holding on. I just loved it "
Charline Bois

" I purchased these earrings for my infant daughter. Since most earrings are too large in my opinion for a 3 month old's ears, this was the perfect solution. As my daughter likes to lie on me when taking a short nap, the first earrings she had poked into me and it was uncomfortable for me. These are small enough not to bother me. "
Lea Fuhrmann

" I should have bought an expansion band at the same time "
Robert Hofmann

" I have been looking for a bracelet for what seems to be years. Never found the right style/size/design combination to fit until now. This bracelet looks great on the wrist. It is well constructed and very comfortable to wear with no pinching; I'm giving it the full 5 stars without any hesitation "
Kacey Mitchell

" Also, try to research other models instead of finding out the hard way (like I did about the side buttons) before purchasing. "
Alicia Maxwell

Karlotta Monjeau

" It was even more beautiful than what was shown in the display picture. My friend absolutely loved it. "
Petra Loewe

" The necklace is good quaility and has a great shine to it. I might just have to order one for myself after xmas...this one is a present "
Yolande Fréchette

" It is provably impossible for any single brush up against an object (say, an outboard motor) to loosen it "
Sara Enderby

" These earrings are very small, maybe somewhere between 3 and 4mm each. They do appear white, (I don't see any yellow tinting) with a slight, slight bit of grey, which I prefer over a super white look (as you might sometimes find in a cz). These earrings catch the light nicely, showing a bit of rainbow effect. They aren't super, super sparkly or faceted, but they do possess shine and detail. I am very happy with these earrings as they are just what I wanted: something petite and real, set in yellow gold, and with a nice, clean and "believably" sparkly look! I also like the fit of the earrings backs, very tight and secure. "

" I've had this for a week, it may not function as well in a year, and that is something you might want to keep in mind reading this. "
Alice Lassetter

" So how does it stack up? "

" These earrings are really pretty. There are not real great variations in the color between each set (they are all pastel, after all!) but each has a beautiful sheen and color. "
Leah Becker

" Obviously the pearls are flawed, but because of their size you can't tell even from a short distance away. "
Sam McBrien

" I wore the neatie necklace at my first trip to the Magic Castle where I got compliments from the waiter and some of the magician "
Sara Reinhard

" I bought 2 necklaces for each daughter for Christmas. The girls wear them all the time, they are very pretty and love opening up the lockets to look at the pictures we put them "
Lyla MacDonald

" Great ring for the price. It is very pretty on the finger and comfortable, not too heavy "
Lexi Wilson

" Neatie the motto engraving idea can help one see the silver lining on every dark cloud and the light at the end of every tunnel. It lends one strength, courage and fortitude for moving through adversity. Great business system and business idea. Hope shipping could be faster in the future. "
Namar Asfour

" These were slightly smaller than I had hoped but they are pretty and they do the job "
Yafiah Ghannam

" These earrings are very good quality, sent to me quickly, and in a jewellery bag. A very nice gift "
Langley Charrette

" Could not have gotten a better deal. It has been working for the last 2 months. Very quite, I leave it in the bedroom. Can't beat the price. "
Amber Worsnop

" Get this earring set. I got both sets, this one and the pastel set to give as gifts, the pearls are lovely, the colors are brilliant. Nice set to have or to give. "
Zachary Muir

" Feels sturdy and durable; light but not flimsy. This can hold upto 5 cards and maybe 20 bill notes. "
Janice Ard

" I bought this necklace because it was very on sale, and I was surprised by how much I loved it when it arrived. The beads are actually somewhat darker than they appear in the picture, which looks nicer and is easier to match to an outfit. It's a bold necklace, but it can dress down quite a bit with the right blouse "
Morgana Meunier

" The stones are a beautiful color, and they are very pretty earrings packaged in a nice box. I recommend these "
Meghan Reilly

" I am a pleased customer. "
Senior Legault

" I had one exactly like this one for over 20 years, but finally the crown fell off. I am keeping it for a backup as it is still running just fine. "
Izdihar Maroun

" Thanks! "
Maja Wilson

" This is the first time I settled for "byzantine" style of jewellery but I like it. It is a big and shining bracelet that perfectly matches with dark or black clothes. It would make an excellent gift for a man especially if the guy is not skinny "
Hayley Millar

" I received the product early, and was just what I expected. Nice packaging and great product. I would buy again... Thanks Neatie "
Steffen Probst

" If night vision is an issue, this is the only one.... if night vision may be a requirement in the future, it is still the only one. Otherwise, it performs at least equally as well as any others available. "
Lola Farmer

" This is a perfect anytime gift. I bought this for my gf for xmas and she loved it. We have only been dating for 6 months i did not want to get anything that was over the top. Perfect for any occasion. She'll love it. "
Natasha Cahill
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