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50th birthday present ideas for mum

50th birthday present ideas for mum

Looking for 50th birthday present ideas for mum? Try the internet first for new ideas. If you still are unable to find 50th birthday ideas for mum, you need to spend more time asking your friends and colleagues at office

Overall, finding 50th birthday ideas for mum is not a difficult task because almost everybody around you may have celebrated their mother's 50th birthday, isn't it? But yes, the challenge is in selecting something unique for YOUR mom, because she is special and unique.

For this, you surely need to make an extra effort and understand and talk to your Mum on what are her likes, dislikes etc. For instance, some Moms may love being gifted with dresses and jewellery on their 50th birthday while some other moms may like being gifted with books.

So understand the best and specific 50th birthday ideas for mum before you gift yours.

Selecting unique 50th birthday present ideas for mum

This is an interesting task because after all, you are doing this for your own Mum! So be geared for a great and exciting task. These are the steps you could follow.

  1. Prepare a list of all favourite things your Mummy loves. It could be books, music CDs, personalised jewellery and even holiday destinations. Just make sure the list is completely curated.
  2. Assess each of the 50th birthday present ideas for mum and find out which one you can afford. Shortlist the gift ideas tat suit your pocket and does not weigh down on you.
  3. Finally, select the final gift and write down ideas to personalise it. Add what else you wish to gift along with it. For instance, you could give a birthday card or a personalised bracelet along with the gift you select.

That's it! Once you systematically follow the above steps, you will be able to select the best 50th birthday present ideas for mum and finalize from the list.

Choosing unique 50th birthday ideas for mum

There are several 50th birthday ideas floating around on the internet, on blogs and on websites. If you visit your loca jewellery shop, they will provide you with many more examples.

On the whole, selecting the best from several 50th birthday ideas for mum means you need to do a careful shortlisting before you take the plunge and spend money in buying the gift.

So what could be the criteria for shortlisting from a list of 50th birthday ideas for mum? Here they are.

  1. The gift should be unique, rare and your Mum must like the category of gift you select. For instance, if you have selected jewellery, make sure your Mum likes it and will wear it once you gift.
  2. The gift should be durable and should come with certificate of guarantee and warranty. In case of accidents or damage, your Mum should be able to get it replaced and must have the money refunded.
  3. The gift should be purchased from a website that sells genuine products. Some websites sell fake jewellery. Buying from such websites may not be a great choice to make.
  4. The gift you select must be personalised with your name and your Mum's details such as date of birth, birthstones, lucky symbols and so on. Only then your Mum will find it interesting.

Overall, choosing unique 50th birthday ideas for mum is all about being precise in your selection process.

Top 50th birthday gift ideas for mum

Some best and latest 50th birthday gift ideas for mum include:

  • Jewellery: This is always a women's favorite as women love wearing jewellery for all occasions. Whether you Mum is a working woman or a housewife, of all the 50th birthday gift ideas for mum, this one is the best. 
  • Books: Mums are quite intelligent and love to read books according to their area of interest. If you have been looking for intelligent 50th birthday gift ideas for mum, this is your best choice.
  • Music CDs: All women love music. Especially music is soothing to ears when one is emotional and that is why gifting music CDs is a great choice to make. Of all the ideas for mums 50th birthday, this one far exceeds all other top ideas.
  • Apparel : A woman can never say no to a beautiful dress. Whether it is a skirt, tops, frocks or just a pair of beautiful leggings, women love them all. The more variety you gift, the happier they feel.
  • Mobile Phones and covers: Mobile phones with latest cameras and latest chatting features is amongst the best ideas for mums 50th birthday. When your Mum turns 50, she needs to communicate more and feel at ease with others, so this is a great gift. Likewise, when you gift mobile covers that look beautiful and are personalised she is going to love the experience.
  • Bags: Mums and ladies love to have a variety of bags to flaunt. Just like personalised jewellery, bags can also be personalised with paintings, names, alphabets, art works, engraved gift for her and so on. Of all the trendy ideas for mums 50th birthday, this one tops the list.
  • Travel Accessories: Ladies these days are quite mobile and get bored if they are restricted to constraints of their home. Women are no longer kitchen creatures and that is why when you look for ideas for mums 50th birthday, consider this one.
  • Watches: Ladies are more punctual about time and discipline so gifting your Mum a watch would be a good choice.
  • Holiday packages : Just like travel accessories, women would love receiving holiday packages for gifts so that they can get away from the busy lifetsyle.
  • Tablets and Laptops: Gifting these as mum 50th birthday present would be a good choice for ladies who are tech savvy. Mums who love the interent and browse for various things will love this gift.
  • Make up kit: Instead of making your Mum spend lots of $$ at the beauty parlour, you can make her life easier by gifting her a colorful make up kit with a detailed color palette. This is a great mum 50th birthday present idea.
  • Spa coupons: Women love being pampered and love massage sessions. That is why spa coupons would be a great choice to gift your Mum. Of all the stylish mum 50th birthday present ideas, this one tops the list.

Need more ideas for Mum's 50th birthday? Check out

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