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Personalised I Love You to the Moon and Back Love Necklace Sterling Silver

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Personalised I Love You to the Moon and Back Love Necklace Sterling Silver
From $58.38
Brand: Neatie
Model Code: NEATIE-VIN1540
UPC: 787909132635

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Style: Name Necklace/Love Necklace Pendant Size: 2.5cm*2.5cm(1"x1") Hook: Single Hook Chain type: Cable Chain Material: 925 Silver Style: Name Necklace/Love Necklace Pendant Size: 2.5cm*2.5cm(1"x1") Hook: Single Hook Chain type: Cable Chain Material: 925 Silver   Personalized Gift - I Love You to the Moon and Back Love Necklace  -  Is there someone you love more than anything? Our p ersonalized I Love You to The Moon and Back Love Necklace Silver is very popular and we now have the perfect option for you! A hand-stamped message on our charm necklace  to make your love became more deeper. It comes packaged on a beautiful gift box that makes it perfect for gifting.  


To The Moon and Back Necklace Guide


Love and elegance have always gone hand in hand. These two qualities seem to be intertwined to bring the possibility of forever and hope. To gift the perfect elegant gift to that special person might have required a lot of thinking and questions but no more. The “to the moon and back”charm necklace provides a sincere, simple, yet elegant way of conveying one’s true feelings about a person to in a gift that can be taken everywhere and will genuinely portray true love.


History of the necklace

To the moon and back has always been a phrase that requires no explanation. It is premised on an ancient principle and understanding of love. Simply put, this phrase conveys the ability to go whatever necessary extent for one’s special love. Your love could be your wife, husband, son or daughter or a cherished friend. This portrays your dedication to such a person. Portraying this affection through this necklace began to take preeminence as time passed. The engraved necklace became a medium of communication between two people in a relationship.


Shapes and Engraving

These choice words can be portrayed on several different shapes and sizes, such as hearts, circles, pebbles, moon-shaped, star-shaped and so much more. Inscriptions usually contain the words to the moon and back with the occasional addition of the names of the recipient. Sometime, it can be the name of both the sender and recipient. These pendants can come in rectangles, triangles or even prisms. They are a huge number of variety to be found when purchasing to the moon and back necklaces.


Why give your loves a 'to the Moon and Back' Necklace?

It can be argued that this phrase has become a cliché and might not be as effective at portraying love as it once was. While it might be true that it has become a cliché, clichés are so because they are actually quite effective. If for instance, you can someone as necklace with this phrase – to the moon and back- inscribed on it, the person does not need to ponder for long on your intent, neither does anyone who sees it. Your entire purpose will be obvious just by gibing the necklace. It is therefore left to be said that such pronounced declaration of love is very efficient in passing across your message, of just how important this person is to you.


Selecting the perfect design

Due to the repeatedness of the words, the perfect design might be the only way to portray the necessary message that ought to be sent out. There are various ways to achieve the best of designs. Selecting a design for a gift is important and while there is no rule book, some certain tips can be followed. When selecting a design, the person to whom the gift is to be presented ought to be the topmost consideration. This means that giving a gift requires knowing what shapes a person likes for example, and how they would prefer hearts over rectangles, or rectangles over prisms. Other preferences such as color, length of necklace, should be taken into consideration. The knowledge of preference would make gifting these special necklaces an easy and fulfilling act!


Well, so what are you waiting for?... Get to gifting your loved ones with these wonderful necklaces!


Daily Tip:
To make your engagement ring sparkle like it's brand new, try soaking it in a mild detergent. This will give your ring the deep cleaning it is without damaging the stone or its setting. When the ring has finished soaking, rinse it off with warm water and dry it with a thin, lint free cloth.

2 ( 5 / 5 )
Beautiful piece. This necklace is a stunning piece that will certainly be appreciated and loved by the friend that I purchased it for as a gift. I certainly hope she is willing to lend it to me on occasion. And it arrived incredibly fast. Incredibly expeditious. I am certainly very happy with this purchase and would recommend this gorgeous necklace to anyone...
2 ( 5 / 5 )
Pretty little necklace purchased for my 16 year old daughter. She loves it, and that is the best rating it can get!

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