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DIY Drawing Style Jewellery in the UK

Glimmering Butterfly Ring
From £104.99
Brand: Neatie Custom Rings
Model Code: N-R0900
UPC: 787909397669

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Main Stone: One 2.5mm Round Stone Secondary Stone: One 2mm Round Stone Accent Stones: 19 1.25mm Round Stones Max Ring Width: 16mm.The Glimmering Butterfly Ring features 2 centre stones and a row of 19 sparkling accents. It is a rich design that represents the power to change yourself, evolve and fly away to make your dreams come true. Choose sterling silver, white, yellow or rose gold, personalise the stones and engrave to make it even more unique.


1. Ring size comparison in different countries (Conversion Table)

2. How to measure your finger size and how to find the right ring size?

Please print this Sizing Tool (click).  You have two choices with this tool. The first, please put your existing ring onto the circles and find your size. Alternatively, scissor out the measuring bar on the right of the paper and use it to measure your finger size. Please follow the instructions in the above PDF document. Neatie recommends that you can use both two methods to make the result more accurate.

Daily Tip:
When buying jewellery, you may want to consider lab-created stones. Gems created in a lab can be just as beautiful as natural gemstones, but they are often less expensive. You may be able to buy a much larger lab-made stone for the same price as a smaller natural stone. If you have ethical concerns, lab-made is definitely the way to go.
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