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Side Heart Silver Name Bracelet/Anklet

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DIY Drawing Style Jewellery in the UK

Side Heart Silver Name Bracelet/Anklet
From $38.40
Brand: Neatie
UPC: 787909119773

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Celebrate your name with this  charming solid Sterling Silver (0.925) name bracelet . Your name will be written in fancy script writing that is underlined and decorated with a heart. This item comes with a Sterling Silver (0.925) Heart chain. This classic piece of jewellery can be worn as a bracelet or an anklet. When used as a bracelet, we recommend limiting the name to 6 letters. One name or word per pendant. First letter only is capitalised. When used as a bracelet, we recommend limiting the name to 6 letters. Material: Sterling Silver 0.925 Style: Silver Heart Style Thickness: 1.2mm Measurements: 10-20mm Chain style: Silver Heart Chain Chain length: 14 cm, 16.5 cm, 19 cm Inscription language: Any

Daily Tip:
If you have pearl jewellery, you can add to their preservation by putting on perfumes and lotions first ,then after they're absorbed into your skin, put your pearls on. Since pearls are porous, these products can be absorbed into the pearl, which can cause it to lose its natural luster.

How to measure your wrist and find the best size of Neatie bracelet/anklet:

There are two choices for your to get your right size.

(1) Please Wrap the tape measure around the wrist/ankle on which you plan to wear your Neatie bracelet/anklet. Make a note of the number at the point where the tape meets the 0. To ensure the bracelet fits comfortably, add 1.5 cm. You can then add or subtract centimeters according to whether you prefer a loose, exact or tight fit.

(2) Alternatively, please download and print the Neatie Wrist Sizer (click). Before printing, make sure the "page scaling" option is set to "None" in the dialog box of your printer options. The Neatie Wrist Sizer must be printed on full-size standard letter paper. Follow the instructions and make a note of your wrist size.

Neatie recommends that you can use both two methods to make the final result more accurate. Please be aware that wanting a snug or loose fit really is a thing varied between each individual. If you are buying a delicate bracelet with a thin chain, we suggest doing a snug fit. Most other bracelets should have a comfort fit except when buying large or thick cuffs or bangles. It's best to buy large bracelets with a loose fit so you don’t feel like you are suffocating your wrist.

51 ( 5 / 5 )
i like this personalised bracelet very much, is well done with quality products and is a very good looking bracelet with nice style
51 ( 5 / 5 )
Very pretty bracelet, easy to wear and I have gotten lots of compliments on it. Great to have St.Jude close to my heart.
51 ( 5 / 5 )
SOOO cute Ive lost a bracelet similar a long time ago ive been looking for a replacement so glad I found this its a bit dainty very shinny and well made I just love it
51 ( 5 / 5 )
It's a beautiful bracelet but over time -very little time- the peace signs rub off. But even after that the bracelet still looks pretty which I'm content with. I still wish they would have stayed though.
51 ( 5 / 5 )
Bracelet is highly polished and resembles real white gold. Crystals are very clear and sparkly. Not for persons with larger wrists, as the design is cut for petite ladies. Well-priced and nice presentation.
51 ( 5 / 5 )
This is a must have for your bracelet. I did purchase several of these packages because I needed them for my daughter, granddaughter and myself.I do not know what I would do without them.

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