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Neatie's agent system has now completely merged into the new Neatier system which can be found from the below link:

Neatie will not maintain the old agent system any more. All the previous distributor & agent units are restructured into two categories now, Neatier and Pro Neatier,  which are further explained in the above link. The new system allowed our distributors & franchisees (Neatiers) to create their own multi-level hierarchy and recruit their own sales forces under Neatie's system. Everything could be tracked and managed online at in terms of earrning management, downline managment and account management etc.

Neatie welcomes businesses and individuals from all around the world to join our network. We are now open to non-UK and non-US applicants. We will provide free shipping service to any city in the world.

Any further explanation about the new terms and conditions plesase click the link above. 


The Neatie Team

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