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Best idea to select experience gifts for men

Best idea to select experience gifts for men

Giving experience gifts for men is a good practice if you want your man to receive what he likes best! In other words, if you want your man to treasure the gift you give him, then you need to gift experiences for men that they would cherish forever.

What is experience gifts for men?

This is a golden question as the term is not self-explanatory. The answer is that experience gifts for men are gift items that help them experience their true selves. To put it other way round, these are gift items that are derived from one's experience.

For instance, a great experience gifts for men would include giving them tickets to an adventure sports. This would help them actually "experience" the event and enjoy to their fullest.

Likewise, any gifting option can be considered as experience gifts for men if they are given keeping in mind their long-term relevance and enjoyment for the man.

Some great experience gifts for men of all ages

There is no end to adventure and especially men love gift experiences that help them enjoy and have fun. On the list, the topmost gift experiences for men include the following:

  • Discounts on Adventure Sports tickets: Sky diving, river rafting and several other adventure sports form great gift experiences for men. Men who love fun and adventure love such gifts and enjoy these thoroughly.
  • Discounts on Massage Sessiona and Spa sessions: Men love spa sessions and massages. These are relaxing gift experiences for men that are quire affordable as well. Thai Massages to Honey and Fruit massages help them stay healthy and regulate the blood flow and vigour.
  • Discounts on Sports gear and sport rides: Again, a great gift experience for men includes sports gear, sport rides on supercars, speed racing cars such as Formula 1 cars et al. Especially men from outside of F1 love the experience of speed racing. Likewise, speed boating is another great gift experience for men.
  • Offers on Beer and Brewery Tours: Beer and brewery wines are so amazingly attractive that gifting men with these make them feel really happy. Even if you are not in Spain where these are exotic, you can try arranging for them locally in your own country.
  • Offers on Champagne and night-outs with friends: If your man is celebrating his birthday or success at work, what better than organizing a night-out for him with his close friends! Just opening a bottle of champagne and celebrating his day will cheer him up!

Excellent gift experiences for teenage boys

Your teenager may just be developing the maturity becoming a man, however that does not mean he cannot enjoy experience gifts. In fact, giftin him with creative experience gifts at a young age may actually make him learn and grow faster.

Some great experiential gifts for men in their teens are:

  • A guitar session or a musical band practice session helping him learn a new hobby or helping him form a band with other singers and music instrument players. This can help him grow music as his hobby.
  • A Yoga session can really help your teenage man learn to live a healthy way. A trek to the mountains could be a great choice to gift so that he learns to get fearless.
  • A Sports biking session or river rafting with safe coaches could be an ideal choice for boys studying in college. Likewise even scuba diving could help them overcome their fear of heights.

Brilliant experiential gifts for men above the age of 50

Men above the age of 50 are usually a bit tired of their work life as they have exhausted their energies working hard for family members. For men above the age of 50, experiential gifts should be handpicked and selected carefully. Some sentimental gifts for men above the age of 50 include:

  • Yoga, meditation and massage sessions that help them relax and release all stress. A get away to silent lands where they could learn from credible gurus would be a good choice.
  • Holidays to mountains and the alps could be a great way for tem to boost their energies. This way they can rejuvenate their lost youth and get back looking young and happening.
  • Dancing sessions, ballad or jazz or hip hop could actually liven up your man and mae him feel much younger. By gifting him young clothes such as a pair of shorts and t-shirt, you could make him feel alive again!

Wonderful experiential gifts for men above the age of 70

Old parents and grand parents especially men expect peace and calmness and require someone to talk to them always. In such a situation, you could gift them the following.

  • A picnic or party with their grandchildren that would cheer them up and help them regain energies and innocence. Grandparents love spending time with their grandchildren and this will indeed help them.
  • Yoga and relaxation meditation sessions for self-healing. Reiki and Pranic healing works wonders with elders and they will love the gift from the bottom of their hearts.
  • Books and spiritual CDs that could help them experience their inner self and feel calm and cool. For men above 70, staying stress free is important in order to live long. So even a stroll in the park with their favorite books would help them stay happy.

Amazing experience gifting ideas for boyfriends or husbands

How could we leave out men who have been categorized as boyfriends or husbands! Indeed, are they not our friends forever. For ladies who are in love, romantic get aways, candlelight dinners, adventure holidays and happy scuba diving with their partner are some of the best gifting options. This way both the partners can experience bonding and bliss in their relatiionship.

Likewise for husbands who are in their late 50's, organizing parties that are exclusively to celebrate occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays is a great way to cheer them up and make them feel at home with family and friends alike!

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