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Buy engraved personalised friendship bracelets this Friendship season

Buy engraved personalised friendship bracelets this Friendship season

For buying personalised friendship bracelets, you can check out online websites that allow customization of personalised jewellery.

All kinds of personalised friendship bracelets including silver friendship bracelet and wooden friendship bracelets engraved with names and pictures are in trend.

Why personalised friendship bracelets

Gifting something generic is not special and will not make your friends happy. However, if you choose a gift that is cut out for them and is personalised using their pictures, names and with heart shapes, the gift will have a different meaning altogether.

Buying personalised friendship bracelets is easy these days as lots of websites allow customisation of jewellery purchased online.

Right from engraving your name on a pandora cham bracelet to having your pictures embedded on a platinum anklet, literally all customizations are possible easily.

Not just this but engraved friendship bracelets are the latest trend and talk of the town!

Whom should you gift engraved friendship bracelets

For gifting something special, you really do not need an occasion. You can gift engraved friendship bracelets to literally anyone you know.

It could be your parent, your grandparents, friends, colleagues, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, kids, just about anybody!

Personalised custom friendship bracelets and engraved friendship bracelets are loved and liked by all. These are gifts that are perennial, applicable for all seasons and never ever hurt anybody’s sentiments in any way!

Especially cheap and affordable custom friendship bracelets such as a silver friendship bracelet is not just elegant and stylish but is also easily available in several designs and patterns embedded into them.

For instance, consider a silver friendship bracelet engraved with alphabets, names, auspicious symbols and created in lightweight materials.

Likewise, diamonds and other pendants could also be used to embellish this jewellery and make it simply awesome. At the end of the day, all customizations depend on your budget.

Gifting custom friendship bracelets moreover lends an air of personal love, affection and attention and makes the receiver feels special and wanted.

5 Best custom friendship bracelets designs

Of all customised friendship bracelets, some are top selling and people all over the world like them at all times.

For instance, a silver friendship bracelet that is affordable is liked by all. It not just adds style and glamour but stays full of lustre and sparkle all year through.

Besides, all kinds of personalised jewellery that come with certificate of authenticity and warranty card are usually preferred by buyers online.

Some websites have a foolproof replacement and refund policy which makes people keep coming back to them for buying more jewellery.

The best 5 designs for personalised friendship bracelets include:

  1. Heart shaped pendant engraved bracelets: Heart shapes are always in vogue because they imply love and togetherness for individuals as well as for families and colleagues. Nobody feels bad when they receive a Teddy Bear that says I love you or Best Wishes with a heart shaped pillow embedded on it! This is because the shape has that magic. Therefore, when this shape is used on a pendant and engraved on it, people love it. Especially women love bracelets with heart shaped pendants engraved on them in style.
  2. Floral pattern name alphabet bracelets: Floral patterns are also an all-time ladies favorites. When engraved with names and alphabets or even pictures, these bracelets become special and made for the person who receives them. This is the best part about personalising a bracelet and gifting it rather than buying readymade.
  3. DIY bracelets: They come in many shapes, patterns, colors and designs and anybody could buy the raw materials and make them. The do it yourself category of bracelets are a rage wth teenagers and work from home Moms because they can actually start a business making and selling them!
  4. Bracelets for Parents and Grandparents:  They have a special look of saying Thank You to the people who make us what we are. Mature jewellery engraved with mature patterns, designs and with names, pictures and family pictures embedded look awesome. These are perfect gifts for Mums, Dads and grandparents and sell very well.
  5. Chocolates and Flower Bracelets: Chocolates and flowers are every woman’s dream and men love them too! Bracelets that come in customized shapes and patterns specifically to complement chocolates and flowers are much liked by all. Even kids love the aroma of these gift packages and like wearing these bracelets.

How to gift personalised bracelets to friends

Of course, getting a gift personalised for a friend is one thing but packaging it effectively and gifting it in style is another!

While gifting personalised bracelets, one should make sure to gift wrap them properly, attach the related warranty cards and also remove the price tag to avoid embarrassment. After all, a personalised friendship gift is truly priceless and cannot be measured in money and value.

For more friendship day gift ideas and secrets, visit

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