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Gift a layered necklace silver made this year’s festive season

Gift a layered necklace silver made this year’s festive season

If you are looking for festival gifts, choose a layered necklace silver made this time. It looks elegant and simple.

A layered necklace silver made can be gifted to both males and females and looks good on both.

In general, a long chain necklace created in silver has always been in trend and fashion, however, the concept of a layered necklace silver made has caught pace more recently.

A long chain necklace is a single long chain, as the name suggests. But a layered necklace silver made has two layers and look dashing, especially if the designs are sleek and light weight.

Wearing a silver layered chain necklace has been endorsed by several celebrities across the world as well.

While branded stores sell it for expensive rates and also use expensive metals and materials, common public can buy a long chain necklace or layered necklaces silver made online from any popular website for much lower rates.

A long chain necklace may cost more or less than a layered necklace as the pricing depends on the overall weight of the product.

Likewise, while a silver layered chain may be priced higher than long chain necklaces, it is not necessarily due to the layers, the overall weight is what matters.

Why gifting silver layered chain necklace is a great option for festivals

A layered silver necklace makes the neck look full and stylish, both at the same time. Especially, if the chain you have selected is longer, the person tends to look taller and slimmer as well.

Not just this, a layered silver necklace looks quite modern and chic.

These days, layered necklaces are not work by greek deities, even a housewife or a working woman can wear them in style and look retro.

Of course it all depends on how one personalizes the layered necklaces suiting their own needs and looks.

Why silver layered chain necklace is better than gold ornaments

In several Asian countries, gold is the metal on which people place their interest over silver.

There are many reasons for it, one, gold is a rare and expensive metal and it is also supposed to be good or the skin.

However, in today’s world, one must remember that it is a bit impractical to wear or carry too much of gold everywhere, especially to offices or wherever you are, outside your home.

There is danger of your necklace being snatched or stolen.

Thus, under such circumstances, silver layered chain necklace is the best choice to endorse.

Whether it is a festive day or a normal work day, wearing layered necklaces made in silver work wonders.

How layered silver necklace could be personalised

Personalised jewelry is the in-thing all over the world.

The metal, price, taxes and delivery mode everything is taken care of by sellers online and buyers really do not have to worry much about these factors.

Therefore, personalising layered jewelry to keep ourselves happy is important.

Here are some of the designs one could choose for layered jewelry

#1: Try alternate patterns on chains alternatively. This will create a new design and give the necklace a free flowing look.

#2: Try different floral patterns on separate layers. This will lend a fresh and modern look to your jewelry piece.

#3: Embed your name along with floral or ethnic designs on separate layers. This will tell the world how much you love yourself.

#4: Embed religious symbols or try silver arabic name necklace. This will be a good choice for festivals.

#5: Have pictures engraved on separate layers of your layered silver necklace. Ask how this can be done by jewelry experts on websites you buy from. This will make it look colourful and make the piece memorable.

#6: Try embedding just one alphabet across layers. You can also try embedding just one sign, symbol or icon joined against separate layers of the necklace you have chosen to wear. This will make the layered chain look bigger and more visible.

#7: Try embedding favourite quotes on your layers of the jewelry. If you are cool enough, you can even try dragon and skeleton symbols to signify paganism.

#8: Try embedding some adventure and action symbols on your necklace. This one is specifically relevant for men who love thick layered jewelry.

On the whole, there is no end to creativity and you can try several combination of designs for your personalised jewelry.

For more layered necklace designs, visit

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