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Know what does infinity mean and how it affects your giffting

Know what does infinity mean and how it affects your giffting

Knowing what does infinity mean and how it affects your giffting is simple.You ought to analyze the eternity symbol and understand the infinity symbol meaning for selecting the best gifts.

What is the best infinity definition on the web

Infinity in the dictionary means infinite or eternal, i.e. something with seamless possibilities. When this kind of a symbol is used in preparing and designing your gifts such as personalised jewellery, you can very well imagine how special your gifts would become. As per the web, Eternity is often described in the form of a snake like symbol swallowing its own tail! It simply means eternal, forever or infinite! The same symbol is extensively used in science text books and by scientists world over in writing Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry formulae as well.

The infinity definition may not be so easy to understand because the cosmos is not easy to understand either. Thus, when someone says, "I love you infinitely, it means they love us beyond boundaries and beyond limits. Indeed, the meaning and range of the word infinite or eternal is quite large and cannot be defined or perceived by the human mind easily. Here are some more popular quotes with the word infinite, which would help you in describing your gifts.

"My infinite Blessings and Regards for your family. I congratulate you and your family and pray God to shower eternal bliss."

"I love you eternally my dear partner. You are the beacon of my life and all my infinite prayers are for you, always."

"Dear Son, you are the ultimate, eternal and infinite ray of hope and trust for me. Wish you a very happy Birthday!"

"Dear daughter, ever since you touched my life, I have been blessed with infinite grace from the almighty. May you live long!"

"Sending infinite love and affection your way. May God's eternal grace and mirth be with you always and forever."

What does the eternity symbol stand for

The eternity symbol has two Snakes swirling back at each other. The intertwining has more meaning than what we see from the naked eye. The Snakes here do not depict something negative, instead there is something surreal about the symbol. The surrealism extends beyond human comprehension and extends upto the immense, vast possibilities surrounding the galaxy and the Earth.

The infinity symbol meaning can be dated back to the days of theological scriptures such as the Bhagwad Geeta or the Bible. The Quran also has the meaning described in it vividly. That which we cannot see, that which we cannot comprehend, that which is endless and seamless and can only be felt within us is eternity.

There is no start or end to infinity. The sign signifies that which is incomprehensible, just like how Life and Death are. Thus, when we use this sign to gift someone, we are actually blessing them from the depth of our hearts in a very wholehearted manner, ways in which they cannot define or realise it. That is why if someone gifts you anything with this symbol, you should feel really very blessed.

Why wear the eternity symbol on your tattoos and logos

Tattoos are a great way of showcasing your creative and technical skills as well. Just like how you would draw patterns and designs in your art book, you can draw a novel design on your hand, arm, shoulder, tummy, even eyebrows and look really cool and hep to others. Tattoos enhance your blood circulation they say, if the right chemicals are used. In many countries, tattoos are encouraged to be used for teenagers as religious symbols and signs drawn on body helps them have good health in their later life.

Tattoos can use the eternity symbols on them and nonetheless, they not just look attractive but also make the person look elegant and smart. Tattoos with infinity sign can be worn by both men and women and teenagers, kids as well as old people. All of them look great wearing them creatively. Besides the infinity sign, people often love wearing their lovers' names, their own names or other religious symbol such as the Cross etc. using tattoos. This signifies to others who they are and what they actually believe in.

Best infinity symbol meaning for couples

Couples can use the infinity sign in many different ways. Love is always eternal and there is nothing that can match the love that is true. Marriages are made in heaven they say and that is why, married couples have infinite love for each other. In Asian countries, where marriages are conducted with full fledged prayers between two communities and individuals, the chantings have surreal meaning which is infinite in nature. The references and invocations to Gods is also something beyond human imagination.

How two people bond with each other is the biggest secret of the Universe and this is as mysterious as the infinity sign's meaning as well. Infinity and eternity sings are also equally mysterious, just like relationships are. The phenomenon of love, when was it born? when did it all start? Was it the Adam and Eve's sin that started it all or something else! It all remains a mystery to us humans forever. This is why the infinity sign is the biggest and best gift to be given as a gift amongst couples.

This sign can be used on Jewellery, on mobile phone accessories, on phones, on t-shirts, on towels and handkerchiefs and what not! The symbol is so special and unique that couples love it any way.

Best infinity meaning for kids and old age parents

For kids, infinity gifts are great to give. Feng Shui items, positive energy gifts, personalised jewellery items such as necklaces, bracelets, anklets, ear rings, all of them are great to embrace! Kids love infinity gifts because they remind them of infinite fun and adventure. The sign is also quite sporty and when worn on t-shirts and tattoos, kids look really cool and modern. Kids also require a lot of positive energy to protect them from negative radiations. This is why parents should utilize the benefits of eternity sign and gift their kids with the sign on objects of their choice.

For old age parents, grandmoms and granddads, this sign could be even more special because they feel motivated to live and love eternally. The eternity sign has no bounds, it has no limitations, no impositions et al. Whoever wears the sign on their jewellery or other gifts can say a lot with these gifts. There are also several version of the eternity sign. There are celtic symbols, infnity heart symbols, infinity floral symbols etc. which are extremely creative. Each of these symbols mean something different and that is why whoever receives these gifts can feel much happy and contended.

How knowing what does infinity mean help you choose your gifts

Anything done consciously has a magic of its own. Instead of giving something without knowing what it means is like embracing something that we do not know. Can we marry someone we do not know? Can we live with a person whom we know but do not love? Simply impossible! This is why when we understand what does infinity mean, we can design a gift that means something more eternal and conducive.

For gifting something with this symbol, we need to find out the following first from the person to whom we are about to gift:

  1. What does he or she like the most or so to say eternally and beyond themselves?
  2. What do they personally feel about the infinity symbols and what are their opinions when someone gifts them that?
  3. What kind of infinity gifts they would love to receive? Watches, jewellery. mobile phones or books etc.?
  4. What is their age and what gifts would be relevant to them with the infinity sign?
  5. Who would they like to receive the infinity gift from and when and how?
  6. Do they like surprises and tattoos? Would they rather prefer a tattoo to a holiday gift package etc.?

How eternity symbol affects your gifting decision

The eternity or the eternal symbols of Snakes cannot be beaten by any other sign except for religious signs such as the Om or any other sign in Christianity or other religions. For the Chinese, there may be several auspicious symbols such as the Dragon and other Reiki symbols, but in a generic way, the eternity sign is most liked worldwide because it does not pertain to people of any one faith only. Literally, anybody from a teenager to an old age man or woman can relate to what it means.

The symbol therefore affects our gifting decision because it is the feeling that we possess for the person that helps us decide whether we should gift this to the person or not. If we love someone too much, we may want to give them the infinity gift. However, if we feel we can limit the gift, we really need not use the sign. Either ways, the symbol has a great meaning and artistic quality and is relevant to gift anyone!


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