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Popular and cute personalised 1st birthday gifts for your baby

Popular and cute personalised 1st birthday gifts for your baby

Gifting personalised 1st birthday gifts is a good practice so that whatever you customize for the baby is unique and special.

However, not all personalised 1st birthday gifts are unique. Only select baby 1st birthday gifts can be special. This article explains a few in detail.

When you are looking for personalised 1st birthday gifts for your own baby or for someone else’s make sure you extensively look around for options.

First birthdays are special occasions wherein children should receive the best of attention and all the focus should be on garnering blessings for them from guests.

This is why personalised 1st birthday gifts mean a lot to the baby who is receiving it and its parents.

Cool baby 1st birthday gifts everyone likes

Right from bibs to milk bottles to little cure frocks and dungarees, babies love gifts that make them smile.

The innocence of a baby is incomparable with anything else in the world. That is why when you choose baby 1st birthday gifts, you need to select nothing but the best.

Some coolest baby 1st birthday gifts include Musical Toys, Learning Toys, visually pleasant dresses and cure soft toys that are safe to play with.

When it comes to toys, anything from soft toys to plastic toys that run with a key and toys that play music and sound would be the coolest choices.

Of all the baby 1st birthday gifts you can find online, if you are able to zero down on unique gifts from the categories mentioned above, your job is surely done!

Top 3 personalised first birthday gifts for babies

Babies love anything that keeps them happy and when someone gives them personalised first birthday gifts, although they do not understand what personalization means, they do feel special given the fact that their parents are happy.

Top 3 personalised first birthday gifts that people prefer gifting include, necklace with children's names that come in various shapes, colours, sizes and contours.

You can customize other jewellery such as personalised baby bracelets and personalised baby charms as well online itself.

The second option for best personalised first birthday gifts include educational toys which can be found online as well. Branded toys are a bit more expensive but their quality is worth the money you spend.

Third best baby's first birthday present includes frocks, skirt tops, pant shirts and other accessories such as milk bottle, bib and sweaters.

On the whole, when you go selecting baby's first birthday present, make sure you select it according to the place you are living in.

For instance, buying sweater, muffler and woolen hand gloves for baby's first birthday present is relevant only in places that have cold weather.

Similarly, buying sleeveless dresses is relevant as baby's first birthday present only in places where it is too hot in summers.

Whatever you buy, make sure baby’s parents understand what the gift is and love it for your genuine love and affection.

5 unusual 1st birthday gifts that make for top baby's first birthday present

Not every baby is same. Almighty’s creations are manifold and varied and beautiful in every way. This is why you must choose unique and unusual 1st birthday gifts for every baby you know.

While gifting dresses, bottles and toys is a matter of routine, even within these categories, there are gifts that could make both baby and parents extremely happy and proud of.

Here are top 5 unusual 1st birthday gifts for babies:

  1. Mugs for Baby and Mama: There are non-breakable crockery sets including cups, saucers and mugs that both babies and Mama and Papa could sip from and eat from. Gifting this is a great way of binding and keeping the family together at all times.
  2. Apron for the little baby and Mama: Little babies especially girls have a great tendency to understand what their Mum is up to in the kitchen. Therefore, buying cute apron sets for baby and Mom would make for unique and unusual 1st birthday gifts for them.
  3. Personalised charms and bracelets: Although gifting jewellery is a common practice, gifting unique and beautiful charms, pendants and other jewellery binds the baby and mother together forever. Heart shapes, Cross shapes, Traingle, Rectangle and Square shapes all of them make baby feel happy and secured when gifted with personalised jewellery.
  4. Books for baby and Parents: Although a baby cannot read, there are several books that explain baby sounds and language and help parents understand their babys’ language and help them grow up as they start learning to talk and respond. Books with these lessons are great gifts for babies as well as their parents.
  5. Baby and parent furniture: There is a lot of variety in furniture available for baby and parents, especially Mother. Buying beautiful decorative chairs and tables is a good choice for gifting as well.

For more unique baby gifting options, check out

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