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Top 16 different funny birthday gifts idea for your spouse

Top 16 different funny birthday gifts idea for your spouse

Gifting funny birthday gifts is quite a whacky thing to do, but it does add craze to your celebrations!

Especially, gifting funny birthday gifts and funny birthday presents is really unique and helps you celebrate birthday very differently.

Funny and funky gifting ideas always work well with people you are close to. Especially with boyfriend and girlfriend fun and adventure is the primary element that keeps them sticking together.

This is why, on their birthday, funny birthday gifts add all the funk, craze and mystery required to celebrate a thrilling birthday that one can remember for long.

Some top funny birthday gifts for all include, gifting a squeeze sponge cake, gifting a funny jokes book or even maybe gifting a funny hug and kiss photograph where you and your partner are dressed up like jokers!

Here are top 16 funny birthday presents that everyone loves:

Funny Jigsaw puzzles: Out of all funny birthday presents one would know, these are the best funny gifts for friends birthday. Gifting them a puzzle that drives them nuts is worth the adventure!

Funny squeeze toys: Imagine your friend or spouse opens the gift wrap only to find a funny squeeze toy inside, would be such a fun thing! The receiver would feel like a kid and smile at this for sure!

Funny Pringles and Chips: Creating chips with clothes and gifting them as funny birthday presents inside the Pringles packets would be another fun thing to do.

Funny Cosmetics: How would it be if your wife applied red lipstick that actually turned her lips blue? She would be surprised but would surely love the adventure of such funny birthday presents.

Funny Lizard and Snake Gifts: Choosing funny gifts for friends birthday is not difficult. A simple rubber lizard or snake is enough to drive them crazy on their special day!

Retro funny sweets: Selecting sweets as funny gifts for friends birthday requires you to choose toffees, chocolates and sweets that have alcohol in them! Your friend would burst out laughing once they eat these sweets automatically.

Cute Doggy Mugs: Licking is a funny metaphor for couples. Therefore funny doggy mugs should be a nice way to make your partner smile.

Spider Catcher: Of all things, when your partner or friend realizes you have gifted them a spider catcher, they would surely be in splits. Of all funny gifts for friends birthday, this one beats them all!

Coffee funny mugs: Your special woman loves coffee, then unusual presents for her should surely include coffee mugs that look weird and funny.

Book of jokes and jestures: Men and women who love reading jokes would love this funny birthday gifts for her and funny gifts for him idea for sure!

Bubble wrap costumes: Dresses you wear should make you look like human beings but if you look like buffoons in them, then they surely make for funny birthday gifts for her and him! Check out bubble wrap costumes as funny gifts to give.

Cotton candy funny: Everyone loves eating cotton candy or candyfloss but not something that tastes like rubber or leather! Gift this funny option this season and have some adventure brewing.

Superman outfits: Your man is your superman but that does not mean he can roam around in tights and underwear, isn’t it? One of the best funny birthday gifts for him, gift it to him this time on his birthdayJ!

Shower caps funky: Funky shower caps are funny birthday gifts for him that men love. They help them have colourful and funky showers with music playing on!

Animal toothbrush holders: LOL! While your man or woman thought she or he was mature enough, gifting them something like this will go crazy at you. Enjoy the fun!

Monkey nail dryer: Nails are the biggest assets for a woman , however when they are jovially gifted a monkey nail dryer, they will surely understand the joke behind it!

When you do choose funny birthday gifts for her or funny birthday gifts for him make sure you select things that will make your special man or woman happy and feel adventurous.

Whatever funny gift you select must invoke the following:

  • It must bring a smile on their face and they should feel excited and thrilled.
  • Your gift must be unique and special only to the receiving person.
  • Your gift must be simple, inexpensive and novel in ideas.
  • The gift you select must be funny, adventurous and should not be offensive to anyone.

Last but not the least, the funny gifts you choose must be so easy to use that your friend or partner wants to have more gifts such as these!

Every time you gift a funny thing, make sure you also gift funny gift cards that make the deal worth the day!

For more funny and adventurous gifting ideas, visit

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