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Get a silver chunky necklace and matching jewelry for your spouse

Get a silver chunky necklace and matching jewelry for your spouse

The latest and most happening design in town is a silver chunky necklace for your spouse or girlfriend and boyfriend.

A silver chunky necklace is the best chunky silver necklace costume jewelry makers recommend to one and all for celebrations as well as for gifting.

A chunky silver chain necklace or a chunky long silver necklace would make for an ideal gift for those whom you love.

Inexpensive, qualitative and great to look at, a chunky long chain necklace covers the entire apparel length and looks stylish especially on women.

For men, chunky statement necklace is available in other design variations that bring out the macho quality in men.

When you go out to buy a silver chunky necklace, make sure you try various options before finalising on which design to choose and buy.

There are several designs, patterns, shapes and sizes of a silver chunky necklace available in local shops as well as at online stores.

A chunky statement necklace not just enhances the way a person looks but also helps them make a style statement wherever they go.

Benefits of buying a chunky statement necklace

Unlike buying expensive gold necklaces or necklaces studded with diamonds and precious stones, buying a chunky silver chain necklace or chunky silver necklace costume jewelry designers suggest is a more practical decision.

A chunky long silver necklace also can be designed and personalised in many ways. Buyers can also get bracelets and anklets that are designed in coordination with them.

Due to its long size, a chunky long silver necklace need not have a separate locket attached to it.

This is unlike a chunky silver chain necklace to which a locket can be attached.

The overall benefits of buying a chunky statement necklace is that it is quite cheap, can be personalised in more than thousand ways and most of all, all the major websites sell them at good quality and wit warranty or guarantee.

How to make a fashion statement with chunky silver necklace costume jewelry designers recommend

The primary reasons behind fashion designers recommending chunky long silver necklace or a chunky silver chain necklace are as follows:

  1. They can be used as bib jewelry covering your entire neck.
  2. They can be worn as chokers.
  3. They come in multi colours and can be worn as chunky statement jewelry.
  4. They come with beautiful ribbons attached and look quite pretty.
  5. Pendants for these kinds of jewelry come in plenty.
  6. They also come as layered silver jewelry.
  7. Gemstones such as ruby and turquoise can be engraved in these silver jewelry.

Thus, making a fashion statement with a chunky silver necklace costume jewelry designers recommend is quite simple.

One just needs to select the correct colours and suitable customisations for creating an awesome design.

How to choose between chunky long silver necklace and chunky silver chain necklace

Based on your specific requirement, selecting between these two designs would be easy. However, given the fact that both these design patterns look beautiful, one can select both as well.

For a chunky long silver necklace, the following specifications can be used. A floral pattern can be used to design the entire chain and also some engravings and words could be used to make it look more stylish.

Likewise, for a chunky silver chain necklace, the primary focus should be on the pendant. Especially when you are buying it for your spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend, you can use heart pendants with your photos or use other patterns and designs in them as well.

Why silver chunky necklaces and not gold necklaces

At any point in time, gold is costlier than silver and imagine if you had to buy a long chunky necklace or a chain necklace with a pendant, how expensive it would be in gold!

Also, when you choose silver, you can choose heavy weight designs for lesser prices. Whereas with gold, you cannot buy more heavy jewelry as the cost would be more.

With silver jewelry, you can buy multiple necklaces in various colours, designs and with several pendants etc. but with gold jewelry, only limited purchase is possible.

What kind of silver necklaces not to buy

Just like every jewelry type, even in case of silver jewelry, one needs to be careful of buying cheap quality jewelry which does not sustain for long.

Likewise, some very thin silver chains break really fast or the colours fade away, so it is good to avoid this kind of low quality jewelry.

At times, websites selling chunky silver jewelry does not give certificate of authenticity or does not provide guarantee or warranty on product. Again, avoiding buying from such websites is recommended.

Last but not the least, make sure the silver being used to create the jewelry is genuine and not fake. Get it assessed by expet silversmiths before buying expensive and heavy pieces from shops and websites.

Plus, read website reviews and make sure to buy only from authorized and certified sellers on websites.

For more silver jewelry ideas, check out designs on

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