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Best engagement presents ideas for all

Best engagement presents ideas for all

Best engagement presents ideas for all

An engagement is awesome and a wonderful thing that deserves to be celebrated and treated with a perfect present. This occasion deserves innovative ideas for engagement gifts. Generally in an engagement party, only the family, close friends and work colleagues are invited. So selecting engagement gifts ideas and engagement presents ideas accordingly helps

Some couples may choose not to throw an engagement party but it is great to bring a good engagement gift with you to any engagement party that you have been invited.

As close friend bringing an engagement gift to the party is a good way to congratulate the newly engaged couple.

You might have been invited in an engagement party that is typically your first, therefore it is wise to know that the amount you will spend on the engagement should be less than the amount you should spend on a wedding gift.

Best engagement gifts ideas

If you are newly engaged or maybe you know a couple that is newly engaged and lucky in love, finding the perfect engagement gift can be tough.

Remember bringing an engagement gift in an engagement party is shows a good gesture in celebrating the love of the newly engaged couple.

Sometimes it may not be necessary to bring a gift to an engagement party but this couple who happen to be your friend want to feel your heartfelt congratulations and for to share in their happiness.

Perhaps you are a friend to the groom and you will be meeting with his fiancé for the first time or perhaps you are looking for a present to give to a couple that has everything.

This could pose a very tough situation when shopping for the best gift for a new duo. You might think of giving them a personalised gift but still get stuck on the right message to write, or you might want to give them something that they can use together but don’t which is the right one.

Fear not with this list of brilliant engagement gifts ideas for couples you will be able to get the prefect engagement gift for your newly engaged couple. You can also find exciting ideas for engagement gifts on the web later of course!

  1. Wedding planner and organizer magazine

When a couple gets engaged it means that things are about to heat up as they get into wedding plans. Most of the times a wedding is not far away from the engagement party.

A wedding planner and organizer magazine is one of the greatest engagement presents ideas for the to-be-weds. It provides them with great insights of planning a wedding.

Things to do with budget work sheets and etiquette calendars can be found in this gift.

The to-be-weds may be having questions regarding wedding plans, this gift has all the answers to the frequently asked questions, therefore, it would expand the knowledge of the newly engaged couple. 

This would be their ultimate companion in the wedding planning journey with some of the best ideas for engagement gifts.

  1. Beautifully written letter book for the couple

Mostly, in an engagement ceremony those who are invited are usually the families to the couple, close friends and work colleagues. How great would it be if all the invited members wrote a beautiful letter in one book talking about the couple?

You can write different messages describing how their love has blossomed to the point of getting engaged. You may also want to write down some advice that would really be of help to the couple.

This would be a great way to celebrate their love and actually a perfect engagement gift idea that the couple will always treasure.

  1. Personalized key chain

Perhaps you all know how great and unique personalized engagement gifts ideas are. You are able to write your message in very short texts that are very catchy and unique.

We all carry keys wherever we go, how about get a personalized key chain the newly engaged couple. You can have their names engraved on it and may be include the date that they got engaged. This is one of the most unique engagement gifts ideas.

  1. Personalised champagne flutes

This is another of great engagement gifts ideas when it comes to personalized things. These champagne toast flutes can be used even during the wedding. Plain isn’t very awesome but personalized ones are fantastic. You may have their names included on them and some other beautiful short text messages.

  1. A Personalised Photo Frame

It is very obvious that many pictures will be taken in every occasion from the engagement party to the wedding itself. A frame is one of the greatest engagement gift ideas so why not go extra unique by getting a personalised one?


There are many engagement gifts that you can choose from. You can choose to be unique by shopping for the personalised ones which are ultimately great. With those ideas you can never go wrong with engagement gifts.

Best engagement gift ideas for couples

To select from a list of engagement gift ideas for couples, you first need to understand the specific liking of the couple to whom you are gifting. This may not be easy but when you find this out, making the right choice is easier.

It is simple, you need to talk to the couple to find out what engagement gifts ideas do they cherish. You can talk yourself or ask their friends to talk to them!

In all, making them feel comfortable with whatever you gift them is important.

Some of the best engagement gift ideas for couples includes personalised jewellery for him and her and with family pictures engraved.

Top engagement presents ideas for elders

When you are attending an engagement ceremony where two adults of say age above 40 are involved, the choices you make may be different.

Selecting engagement gift ideas for couples well above 40 years of age requires mature thinking. Gifting them knowledge based getaways or holidays to mountains may be a good choice to begin with.

Gifting books is also a good option for couples above a certain age.

Top engagement gifts ideas and engagement presents ideas for teenager couples

When two teenagers are involved in marriage, their choices of ideas for engagement rings may be considerably bolder and easy going. Gifting candle-light dinners to romantic getaways may be a great choice.

If you are short of time, try getting them a chocolate hamper with personalised jewellery sets,  that will do and make up for the best engagement gifts ideas.

For more gifting ideas, keep checking this blog at

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