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Best Gift Idea for 40th Wedding Anniversary

Best Gift Idea for 40th Wedding Anniversary

Deciding what to give as 40th anniversary gifts require good research and thinking. One of the best 40th anniversary gifts idea includes giving a holiday package to the couple who are celebrating their anniversary.

Celebrating wedding after 40 years of marriage and sustaining the bonding is a great joy for any couple. Especially when they see their kids and even grandchildren celebrate along with them, the joy grows manifold.

In such a situation, if you wish to select 40th anniversary gifts for the couple, you cannot just give anything you find from the market. A greeting card would be appropriate of course, but the actual gift needs to be something beyond that.

One of the best 40th anniversary gifts idea includes holiday tickets for the couple but if the couple is old and cannot travel, this gift idea may not be relevant.

So the next best choice for 40th anniversary gifts would be giving them jewellery, electronics or books. All these gifts can be easily used by old and young people, alike, with ease and convenience.

Personalized jewellery as 40th anniversary gifts for wedding couples

Gifting bracelets, anklets, charms and combination jewellery for him and her would be a good choice if the couple are fond of jewellery.

Moreover the fact that you could personalise the jewellery and engrave your desired words and pictures is even more exciting to think of.

Indeed, one excellent 40th anniversary gifts idea would be to select the most exotic combination of personalized jewellery for the couple.

These days websites allow great scope for customization as you can choose from various designs, patterns, engravings and choose between various metals for personalising the design.

You can have the couple names engraved on these jewellery pieces and also have a family picture engraved. The cost of personalizing the jewellery is also minimal and websites allow it for free if done online.

This, a great Gift idea for 40th wedding anniversary is to select from the couple's favorite jewellery collection and gift the same.

Travel gifts as Gift idea for 40th wedding anniversary

When your parents are old and have retired from work, they may want to explore the world and see places they have never visited before.

Thus, gifting them travel gadgets, electronics, travel bags, watches, PCs, laptops, tablets, portable music players et al should be a great thing to do.

Giving travel items and travel vouchers is a good and affordable Gift idea for 40th wedding anniversary.

Convenient, memorable and creative, travel ideas are in plenty and lots of blogs and websites sell travel vouchers and packages at highly discounted rates.

Mobile Phones and accessories as Gift idea for 40th wedding anniversary

At no age would one be bored of exciting electronic products such as music players, CDs and Ipods. Mobile phones these days come equipped with the latest cameras and video makers as well.

There are tons of apps and software programs available online which gets you lots of free stuff every day.

Therefore, gifting mobile phones and related accessories is a great way of celebrating a couple's 40th anniversary celebrations.

Mobile phone covers, stickers, name tags and key chains could further be personalised with names, date of births and could also be engraved with birthstones for good luck and more awesomeness.

Books as 40th wedding anniversary gifts

Books offer knowledge and exposure that is undying. Any any stage of life, books are a great guide to living a happy and satisfied life. There are so many categories of books available that any couple celebrating their 40th anniversary of marriage will be happy to receive these as gifts.

The different types of books that could be gifted include:

Cookery Books: These help the couple enjoy exotic, tasty food from the world over without hassle.

Self-Help Books: These are 40th wedding anniversary gifts that keep anyone motivated all their lives. Post retirement, a couple may really enjoy reading these to keep themselves motivated.

Fiction Books: Fiction stories any day help escalate one to a world of dreams and fairy tales. Gifting Fiction books by popular authors and artists ake for great 40th wedding anniversary gifts overall.

Informational Books: Many couples love to upgrade their knowledge about the world and science around the world. Gifting informational books is a great way of making them happy.

Religious/Spiritual Books: Several couples start pursuing Yoga at an old age and wish to celebrate their 40th anniversary of being together reading books silently. For them, spirituality related books would make for excellent 40th wedding  anniversary gifts.

Movie and music Videos as 40th anniversary gifts

Movies and music CDs and videos always help couples stay romantic and happy together. Gifting the best and latest music or even relaxation and Yoga music for couples could be a great way of cheering them up.

Relationships feel nurtured when they dance to romantic music that is why gifting compact discs with movies or music is a great choice.

There are many types of CDs you could gift.

Relaxation Music: This helps the couple stick together and develop a deep bonding in silence. Moreover with meditation, couples feel real warmth of love and stay together forever.

Film Music: There are quite meaningful music CDs available that emphasize the importance of family, ove, children, friendship etc. Gifting such inspiring CDs would be a great choice.

Non-film music/ Music albums: Songs from Michael Jackson, Madonna amongst other latest singers is quite inspiring at times and keeps one on their toes. Couples who are looking for adventure, fun and romance can be gifted these.

Arabic Music CDs: There are several language songs and music that uplift one's mood. Arabic music is one such category. Despite not being familiar with the language, one can surely feel connected to their inner soul while listening to arabic music.

On the whole, one does not have to struggle much to find meaningful gifts for celebrating a couple's 40th wedding anniversary. All that one needs to do is to gift something closer to their heart and with tons of love and affection.

For more 40th anniversary gift ideas, check out

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