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8 Design Tips for buying mother and daughter jewellery with personalised necklace sets

8 Design Tips for buying mother and daughter jewellery with personalised necklace sets

What do you like, anklets, bracelets or simple personalized necklace? Have you tried buying mother and daughter jewellery sets? Plenty of beautiful designs are available for all.

The speciality of mother daughter jewellery lies in its sheer simplicity. Just like how a child bonds simply with her Mom, so does buying a mother and daughter jewellery bonds you with your true self.

What mother daughter jewellery sets are available in the market?

A simple mother daughter necklace set is a great start. Floral designs, graphic patterns to anything adventurous, you could simply customize mom and daughter necklaces and flaunt them around.

You could buy a mom and daughter jewellery set from a website that offers affordable pricing and options for customizing as well.

What factors to remember when you buy mother and daughter jewellery?

  • You and your Mom are unique, so make sure your mother daughter jewellery is in a colour that both of you like.
  • While buying a jewellery piece such as a mother daughter necklace set, make sure both of you like wearing that kind of jewellery. In other words, know what you and your mom like in common.
  • Choose anklets, bracelets, charms or personalised necklace for mum that are in latest trend and everybody likes.
  • Select mother daughter jewellery which is affordable, customizable and which has suitable material pertaining to your skin types respectively.
  • Ask your mom indirectly what kind of mother and daughter jewellery does she prefer. If she prefers anklets over mom and daughter necklaces, go for anklets.
  • Select the best designs and best sizes and shapes for mother daughter jewellery. Ask the seller website as they may provide you with expert suggestions at zero cost.

Last but not the least, select some accessories or some beautiful flowers while gifting your mom with the precious mother and daughter jewellery set.


Design Tips for your mom and daughter jewellery set

#1: Floral mother daughter necklace sets

Who can hate floral patterns when it comes to mom and daughter necklaces? Roses, Lavender, Lilies or a simple sunflower pattern goes a long way in luring a woman off her senses. Therefore, choose floral patterns for necklaces and enthrall your Mum.

#2: Earrings with alphabets

Customizing earrings with the first letter of your name and your mother’s name would give this piece of jewellery a personal feel. Besides it creates an “intelligent” bond between you and your Mom. For the 21st century woman, this could be a great choice.

#3: Named mother and daughter necklaces

Choosing shapes with names is in fashion always. For unusual gift ideas for women, how about getting your respective names embedded and gifting a pair for the two of you?

#4: Personalised jewellery with precious stones

Not all may like diamonds and studded stones but nonetheless, the shine and sheer of embedded stones in various colours gives jewellery a special look. You can even have more than one stone, maybe 10 to 12 stones beautifully embedded on mother and daughter necklaces.

#5: Simple, petite bracelets that look like they are tattooed

Thin and elegant jewellery for you and your mom can never go out of fashion. A simple locket or bracelet which are light weight and carry a petite design are always good to own.

#6: Rings for eternal bonding

Beautiful rings with diamonds can be bought on websites that offer quality customizations. You can have your name, first letter of your name, your picture and your mom’s picture or any symbol you like, engraved on it and this would make for a perfect gift option.

#7: Bracelets matching mother and daughter necklaces

There is no hard rule that you must gift only one single design to your Mom. You could combine a variety of designs, say floral and stones engraved and match them on your bracelets and necklaces respectively. Her jewellery is her best friend, after all. No woman would mind owning an extra piece of jewellery, isn’t it?

#8: I love you Mom anklets and personalized necklaces

At times, your feelings are not sufficient until they are expressed to the person you love. This is why I love you Mom jewellery sells well always. Tell your Mom you love her, make her feel special and tell her how much you value her.


Next time you explore the internet looking to buy mother daughter necklaces, remember these tips and buy the best designs that both you and your Mom would cherish.  Check out for some awesome personalized jewellery for yourself and for your mom.

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