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Top gift ideas for travelers and friends

Top gift ideas for travelers and friends

When you have to plan gifts for friends going travelling, what items would you select?

Selecting gifts for friends going travelling is different from generally selecting gifts for people who travel frequently.

Coming up with unusual gift ideas for travelers requires research and careful shortlisting. When you are gifting some unknown person, decision may be easy.

But when it comes to thinking of gifts for friends going travelling, you may have to put yourself in their shoes before you select the gifts.

Some common gift ideas for travelers include inflatable pillow, towels, eatables and chips. But these are definitely not cool gifts for friends going travelling as your friends would anyway be carrying these with them!

Several websites sell gifts for people who travel, however, only a few specialize in this service and do so qualitatively.

Not necessary that you need to spend a bomb, but yes, make sure you buy gifts for friends going travelling that are unique and priceless.

Best gift ideas for travelers worldwide

  1. Stopwatch: This idea may sound weird to think of, but it surely is one of the best gifts for friends going travelling. Especially if your friends are adventurous and are trying some sports acts and hiking, a stopwatch with an antenna may be best for them so that they can locate where they are, record temperatures as well as plan schedules.
  2. Books: Both men and women require some leisure time to themselves when they travel. That is why giving books as gifts for people who travel is a great idea. Reading a book helps them unwind and relax once in a while.
  3. Anti-theft backpacks and suitcases: When giving gifts for people who travel, you can take care of their security and safety of their items by giving them backpacks and suitcases that open with secret codes. This will help them stay safe.
  4. Travel Guides and Manuals: When you select gifts for someone going travelling, this is a great thing to consider. If you gift them the guide of a particular city or country, they can use the map and directions for travelling along the place.
  5. Travel Irons and Chargers: These make for perfect gifts for someone going travelling, because everybody will require chargers and power banks to charge their electronic devices. Similarly portable Irons can be used to iron their clothes et al.
  6. Pocket utensil set: Spoons, forks, plates are too cumbersome to carry in plenty. That’s why giving these as gifts for someone going travelling is ideal. They will like it and will feel comfortable using them along the way as well.
  7. Puzzles and Games: To chill along the way, give these awesome gifts for someone going travelling. They will love playing cards or chess games or even a simple scrabble game as they travel. This improves bonding between friends as well.
  8. Travel Mugs and Coffee Mugs: These go never out of fashion and make for excellent gifts for travel lovers. Carrying portable mugs would make it easier for them to drink coffee, tea or even water along the way.
  9. Travel Hammocks: Everybody wants to chill when they travel. Especially if they are going to the beachside, hammocks make for excellent gifts for travel lovers. They come in various colours and look shiny and bright for users to enjoy and have fun.
  10. Tea Bags: This may look like small and unimportant gifts for travel lovers but nonetheless, carrying tea bags in handbags help travellers especially women relax in between and sip some green or black tea as and when they feel tired.
  11. Pocket Music Players: Ipods as they are called are great pastimes for people who travel frequently. They make for brilliant gifts for travel lovers and have the capacity to store several songs for maximum entertainment along the way.
  12. Travel Make up kits: Women want to look beautiful anywhere and everywhere and that is why gifting them make up sets is a great choice. Lipsticks, blushes, foundation sticks, kajal and mascara are some of the essential make up items that should be included.
  13. Umbrellas: These are quite essential if a group of friends are travelling to areas where it rains frequently. By carrying these, friends feel safe and can save themselves from getting wet in rains.
  14. Solar Lamp: This is a great gift for travel lovers especially if they are travelling to sunny areas. They can charge them up in the sunlight and use them at nights.
  15. Dish towels and Tissue Papers: These are a must carry for travelers especially if they are planning to cook food along the way. They come in several shapes and sizes and can be great gifting options for all.

Want to gift a group of friends for their travel spree? Watch out for gifting options on

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