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Why to gift an engraved personalised heart necklace to your sweetheart

Why to gift an engraved personalised heart necklace to your sweetheart

An engraved heart necklace with pendant or even a simple personalised heart necklace in silver make for a great gifting option. Try it this season.

What is a personalised heart necklace

A personalised heart necklace is an invaluable gift you can give your spouse or partner. This is because heart symbolizes friendship, kindhip, trust and love forever.

A heart necklace personalized may be found online selling readymade by several top websites. However, creating and designing one yourself for your sweetheart should be the ideal experience if you are truly in love.

Hearts come in many sizes. A hand heart necklace therefore can be created in different sizes and could be gifted.

Where to find an engraved hearts necklace

An engraved heart necklace personalized could be found online as well as in your local shops in your neighborhood, but as discussed above, personalising it ourselves is a greater joy.

Many websites allow this option and allow us to customize our product based on:

#1: SIZE of the engraved heart necklace. You can choose from small, medium to large sized hearts.

#2: NUMBER of the hearts to be used. You can customize using just a single heart engraving or select multiple engravings for the necklace or bracelet you are creating.

#3: SHAPE of the jewellery can be decided by you. For instance, an engraved heart necklace could be round-necked, oval or even triangle shaped. There is no bounding to your imagination.

#4: Type of engraving: You can select what to engrave within the heart or around it. You can choose the names of you and your partner or even your pictures for instance.

These are the basic four criteria. Websites offer more options as well.

Gift a heart necklace personalized to your spouse

Personalising an engraved love heart necklace would mean a lot to you if you loved your wife or husband truly.

Within the engraved gift ideas, you can do magic. You can have your names carved, your pictures embedded or even pictures of your kids engraved.

All of this would mean so much when you look at the gift twenty years later. An engraved love heart necklace or bracelet is a valuable gift and is priceless forever.

Especially when gifted to your spouse or other family members such as parents, it is the ideal gift one could have thought of.

An engraved love heart necklace: Best gifting option

Many vouch for the engraved love heart necklace to be the best online purchase and gifting option. Reasons are many.

Firstly, these necklaces can be created with inexpensive metals such as silver or 14K carat gold plating. Secondly, expensive diamonds or medium quality stones could be engraved for added beauty.

Thirdly, this is a gift that anybody can relate to. A heart engraved on a necklace or pictures and alphabets engraved inside the heart lend personal touch to the jewellery.

Last but not the least, these items are quickly designable online and several readymade designs are also available to choose from, if you do not have sufficient time to design it yourself.

Gift a necklace with heart pendant engraved

A necklace with heart pendant engraved would be an even better choice for gifting because there is lower risk of the heart coming apart from the necklace.

In many jewellery pieces, two or more no. of hearts are woven together in various colours to make the piece valuable.

In such cases, a heart pendant engraved with alphabets, initials, names, quotes or even pictures would be a temporary fixture which could be removed when required and attached when required.

Benefits of gifting engraved love hearts necklace

A heart pendant engraved with multiple things always stays in fashion because love is always in the air! However, there are other tangible benefits of gifting an engraved love hearts necklace.

#1: They do not break easily and stay durable for longer periods of time as compared to necklaces embedded with precious stones which may fall off.

#2: They are inexpensive to buy and if one wants, many pieces of jewellery could be bought together at affordable costs.

#3: They come with warranty offers from sellers and are usually long lasting as compared to medium quality gold plated jewellery.

 A few drawbacks of an engraved heart necklace

Yes, there are a few drawbacks of the heart pendant jewellery. First of all, some websites may be selling weaker versions of the product low in quality, which may break off easily.

If the weight of the pendant is heavier than that of the chain, inconsistency of design may lead to quick damage.

Some websites may not provide certificate of authenticity if the price of the product is low. In a few other cases, Zero warranty may be a disadvantage.

Anyway, overall it is up to us to be careful of the above aspects.

For buying good quality heart necklaces, visit

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