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How to embed a creative name on ring you get personalised

How to embed a creative name on ring you get personalised

When you get jewellery personalised, the name on it is important. For instance name on ring should be good enough and inside engraved ring, there should be clarity. Besides engraved birthstone rings are also a popular choice these days.

Use a creative name on ring for best look and elegance

Creativity in name and designs is quite important when getting a ring or any other piece of jewellery personalised. When we use innovative designs and patterns, it not just makes the jewellery look beautiful but also makes it look elegant.

Also inside engraved ring one needs to use details such as engraved birth stones and so on. This makes jewellery pieces such as the engraved birthstone rings much more wearable and likeable by buyers.

The name on ring actually makes a lot of sense. It could be your lover’s name, husband’s name, wife’s name or your parents’ or grandparents’ names respectively.

Ideally, the name inside engraved ring should be of someone who is close to your heart if you are buying the ring for yourself. If you are buying it for someone else, the name should be of their choice and liking, of course.

Why to gift engraved birthstone rings to your boyfriend or spouse

These kinds of rings can be engraved with any beautiful design or any number of pictures you want. That is why even if you choose a silver engraved ring or a gold engraved ring, it would be best to use birthstones to embellish them as well.

Engraved rings add good luck, charm and grace to the gifting you select. You can also gift these in combination with other jewellery pieces such as necklaces, anklets and bracelets. These can be gifted to both males and females with relevant personalization.

What your spouse or partner may find enticing about these rings is the sheer simplicity and love and affection they emanate.

For instance, even if you selected an inexpensive silver engraved ring and not a gold engraved ring, if you use sophisticated and trendy engraving patterns on them while customizing, your partner cannot avoid liking it at any cost.

Love definitely does not depend on how much money you spend and instead depends on how much emotion and truthfulness you put into your gift item. This is exactly why you can gift a silver engraved ring or gold engraved ring to your partner.

How a name engraved ring impresses others

Engraving family pictures and other designs and birthstones is a common practice. More enticing practice is to use names to impress your loved ones, be it friends or colleagues or relatives.

A name engraved ring is precious because it denotes how important the person is to you or to whosoever you are gifting the ring to.

When you gift someone a ring with your name engraved on it, you are basically establishing a life-long bonding with the person because they will never forget your name.

Likewise, if you gift yourself a name engraved ring with someone’s name on it, this signifies how important that person is to you.

The name engraving could be of anybody, literally anybody. It could be your favorite filmstar, favorite writer, your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, grandmom, granddad, mother, father and so on.

What matters in the end is how well you take care of the gift, with how much love you have it designed and what creative patterns and designs you use to have it created.

Why to buy engraved rings with names or pictures

There are several reasons why you should buy rings engraved with silver, birthstones, gold designs, diamonds or platinum. On the whole, these rings are worth buying and here is why.

They are inexpensive: These rings appeal to one and all for buying because it does not weigh them heavy on pockets. One can choose multiple designs and engravings and have these customized happily.

They are long-lasting: Websites selling these jewellery pieces offer excellent guarantee or warranty and this makes them a great buy overall.

They come with guarantee certifications: Yes, all the websites that sell qualitative personalised jewellery such as personalised arabic necklaces, arabic rings, silver engraved and gold engraved necklaces for him and her and so on offer certificate of guarantee that is valid for 1 year at least.

This makes these jewellery pieces worth possessing indeed.

They are loved by children and elders alike: Engraved jewellery is everyone’s favorite, literally, everybody’s! Kids as well as old parents and grandparents love this kind of jewellery that could be easily customized as per one’s specific needs.

Moreover, these jewellery pieces are easy to maintain and can be washed and stored inside easily. On the whole, due to being inexpensive and good looking, this kind of jewellery is great to possess.

How engraved jewellery builds emotions that are long-lasting

Not just couples but also celebrities are known to gift engraved jewellery to each other in order to express their love and respect.

Engraved jewellery which is personalised appropriately builds emotional bonding and bridges people’s differences easily.

When people gift each other engraved rings, anklets, bracelets and other jewellery, they are establishing a relationship forever.

Moreover, when one receives a beautiful gift which is also personalised carefully, trust builds up automatically and this also results in work opportunities for some.

So the next time you know it is your boss’s birthday or anniversary, try gifting an engraved ring to make him or her happy.

How to choose the best name on ring for kids

Kids have a great relationship with people around them. Some kids may be greatly attached to their parents while some others with their grandparents.

Some kids may simply be attached to their friends likewise. Either ways when you choose an engraved gift for kids, you need to make sure to mention the name of the person or people they really like.

  1. Choose a name that will make them feel happy: Names of people you choose should definitely be of their liking so that they like what they are wearing and keep remembering the person with joy. Even religious symbols or names of Gods is a good idea for gifting kids as these make them feel protected and secure.
  2. Choose a design for name engraving that they like: Some kids may like hearts and others may like flower patterns, make sure you choose patterns that make them feel happy and joyous and bring out the best in them.
  3. Choose a pattern to support the name: The name if written plainly may not look smart enough so make sure the engraving is accompanied with a design or additional pattern to make them look further elegant.
  4. Choose a shape they like wearing and is creative: Kids love playing around with circles, triangles, squares, rectangles and even cubes. Creating 3d designs with personalised jewellery may also be a creative way of making kids feel happy.
  5. Choose a color they like and feel happy with: Kids usually tend to like lighter colors, the girls especially. Boys usually prefer slightly darker colors or have no special choice! Either ways, choose colors that are soothing to the eyes of children and also elders.

How to choose name rings for grandparents

Your grandparents are the beacon of light, love and affection and having been around for several decades, they simply are priceless.

In such a situation, selecting a gift for them needs utmost care and love. This is why you must choose engraved jewellery for them, either with birthstones or with God names and designs they love.

While most of the grandparents at least 90% of them tend to get religious by the end of their lives, there are 10% who still remain adventurous and young forever.

So depending on which category your grandparents fall into, select the gift they would love.

This is how you must select personalised jewellery gifts for grandparents:

  1. Choose mellowed down colors that makes them feel vibrant and young: Doing so will make them feel younger at heart and body and will encourage them to live longer.
  2. Gift them music CDs or other accessories such as ones for mobiles or for laptops and tablets so that they can use both simultaneously and feel happy about it.
  3. Choose personalised combination jewellery and not just rings for mum so that the gifts look expensive: You would definitely agree to the fact that your grandparents deserve much more than they ask for. This is why you must choose jewellery gifts for them that look expensive enough.
  4. Gift along with your family to make them feel elated: When grandparents see their entire family together, they are sure to feel excited. So make sure whatever gifts you choose for them, you give it to them with the support of your entire family.

On the whole, gifting engraved jewellery is a thing of much excitement and happiness because you are gifting something precious and at the same time, reasonably priced to your elders and kids.

Gifting engraved jewellery makes people adore you, admire you and also makes them trust you more.

For more engraved jewellery ideas, keep checking our blog on

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